Friday, December 10, 2004

Favorite Reads

I've been so entertained reading other people's blogs the last few days that I've neglected my own. I've discovered a few new sites I really enjoy, both with really long posts but intriguing ones, that I get so caught up in reading by the time I'm done any sense of my free time is over!! MixedMessages is just that - a collection of excerpts from the home and personal wonderings. I like her writing style. Several times she has mentioned she is a certified introvert, which I've often wondered if I qualify for. Milestones has a hilarious blog. Sometimes deep probably more than she realizes, but always on a humorous level. My favorite is her letter to coffee, as she puts it - yes, she wrote a letter to coffee. Those are my newest reads.

My favorite and daily reads, are Pink Poppy and Girl From Florida. I'm not sure how I ran across Girl, I think she commented on my site, I visited hers, she came back... isn't that how it usually works? Turns out she's a 23 yr old married girl, like myself, and we have a lot in common. It's fun to find someone on your level but still in a whole different world. It helps that her blog is fun and light to read, even the hard subjects. She's a scientist and has all the smarts, but you'd never guess the scientist part from her quirky, fun, stylish self.



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