Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun Week

This week has been full of fun playdates and catching up on my social life! Monday Justinbustin had a friend over, Tuesday the kids and I went to IKEA with a friend of mine - we dropped them off in the kid care and had an hour of kid free shopping where I got some fun stuff, Wednesday Shawners had his first playdate ever (SO cute!), Thursday Shawner's classmate had a Spiderman/Star Wars party (not a birthday party, just a... party) where all the little kids dressed up as a Star Wars guy or Spiderman guy (Shawners went as Spiderman). His classmate's older sister asked the older siblings to help make sandwiches for the homeless, after the party we drove around to different people on street corners and handed out brown bag lunches. Then later in the day I met up with Kels at Target and we shopped for Christmas gifts, then went to Starbucks for coffee and to exchange Christmas gifts before she takes off for the holidays. Today I chilled with my girlfriend, Li, who I haven't seen in forEVER - she's a teacher and had her first day of Christmas break today before she took off to go visit family tonight. We had lunch together, shopped at the mall, ran errands, and exchanged Christmas gifts (Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar & Fig body spray, Tuberose Body Wash, Choxie chocolate, and Liplicious Pink Grapefruit lip plumper for me! so fun!). What a fun day with her and SO needed! This evening the boys and I, a friend of Justinbustin's, and a friend of mine went to the Austin Trail of Lights. SO much fun spinning under the huge lighted Christmas tree. I couldn't do it more than once or I felt sick. Until I figured out I could hold onto Shawner's hands and spin and we would sort of balance each other out. So then I conned my friend into holding hands with me and spinning and we ended up balancing each other out. I must've started a trend because we weren't the only ones spinning that way when we stopped. The trail of lights itself was eh. There was a lot of wooden figures and statues and not so much Christmas lights. But the kettle korn and Christmas tree and company made it so much fun! It was neat seeing all the different displays. I've loved the social part of this week so much, and on top of that the RELAXing part of this week! It almost feels like when my kids were little and we were home together all the time, only better. Much better.
Eeeee!! I just got an invitation to hang out tomorrow night with the same friend I went to the Trail of Lights with tonight.
Some of my sweet gifts from Li and her sis:



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