Monday, September 08, 2008


Because I just realized how fast these moments are slipping away.

Shawners has been calling me 'Ms. Rosey' lately.

This morning as he's looking for the laundry for a clean sock to match the one he likes, he says "If I find some pants, I may slip them on."

Yesterday, they cleaned their room in the time Daddy set for them. When the timer went off Shawners tells Justinbustin, who was rushing to do a few last minute items, "Justinbustin, we have to finish now when the timer went off. We have to be honest."

He still says "awww, how cute!" at tiny dinosaur statues like the ones at Dinoland at Zilker Botanical Gardens we went to yesterday. And at the dachshund puppies a family brought to church yesterday that he cuddled for a good half hour.

Unbeknownst to me until Li told me last night, when she watched the boys Saturday morning while I worked Justinbustin asked if the waffles she was offering him were organic. When she said no, he said no thanks!!! What?!?! We had Eg*o's in the house the other day (I will admit, thanks to Brando) and he was chowing them down. Still, it was cute to hear.


L said...

haha ohmygosh, I am cracking up! Keep sharing the cute-isms! :)

courtneyk said...

:) lady!!! I've missed you! (Wedding planning has been eating my life)
Your boys are so cute!!!

Stace said...

WOW ok so moments like these make me want kids. . .but ONLY moments like these. :)


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