Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And the winner is . . .

*drumroll please*

Teagan of Teagan in the T.Dot.O!! Even though the T.Dot.O. is obviously a Canadian blog, she fortunately also has a US address. Teagan happens to be one of my real life friends, and I am so excited for her to win this gift card! Of course, there were a few other real life friends and lots of blog friends that definitely deserved to win.

Although she is much more gorgeous than the blonde in this photo, this dress totally reminds me of a dress Teagan would wear and look smoking in, like she does in everything.

Teagan, I already have your address, so your gift card will be on it's way.

While I have your attention, I noticed a phenomenon with this being my first giveaway. There is such a thing as blog giveaway spammers. People who troll blogs looking for giveaways just to enter and move on their merry way. Troll is a harsh word, and I mean to use it. Spamming blogs for giveaways is so far from the spirit of blogging that it hurts my heart. It takes the privilege of blogging and leaving a comment on someone else's blog down a notch to more general internet fodder. I've seen a few friends leaving spam blog giveaway comments on facebook, and I noticed it in spades here. Easy to find - just google their email address and the search results pop up with the email address as a comment on blog giveaway after blog giveaway. I almost fell for spamming giveaways myself when I was offered this sweet giveaway of my own - I googled a few giveaways and entered so I could win my own Shabby Apple gift card. The friends I've seen spamming blog giveaways on facebook aren't malicious friends, and I believe they are doing it innocently enough, as I was, but being on the other side and seeing how far removed spamming giveaways with comments is from the spirit of blogging, I'm sad I got caught up, even for a moment.

That being said, and to end on a high note, I am loving these giveaways! I have been approached to do a few reviews and/or sponsored posts for products I haven't heard of and wouldn't support if I had and have turned each one down. Hearing from Shabby Apple was a delight and a win-win - my readers got to hear about a product I LOVE, got a chance to win a gift card to said store, and I'm crossing fingers I discovered some fabulous new readers :) !

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway

How would you feel about a Shabby Apple give away?

I hope you said extremely happy, because that's exactly what's in store. Shabby Apple has offered to give one of my lucky readers a $50 gift card, and now is your chance to win it.

If you haven't heard of them yet, Shabby Apple makes the most wonderful timeless, classic dresses in the most fabulous designs separated into collections from eras such as the silent era, geographical locations such as Rome and Yosemite, and colorful ones such as Carousel. My favorite is the Set Sail collection. Mostly because I could actually see myself wearing a majority of those dresses. However, my absolute favorite dress of all time that is unfortunately no longer available was in the Paris oh la la collection, the Bonheur.

This dress takes me to the scene where Diane Lane wore a similar dress in Under the Tuscan Sun when she went to meet Marcello in Positano.

Add a black belt to Shabby Apple's version and it's exactly the same dress. Oh, if only I could enter this giveaway and win it if they still had it myself!

I've been a huge fan of Shabby Apple - liking their facebook page, sharing their dresses with friends, and poring over their site - even before they approached me about their giveaway. I could go on and on about their gorgeous collections from their regular breathtaking clothing line, swimwear, to maternity wear as well as new mama nursing friendly dresses - what a concept, even to little girls' dresses which totally makes me melt as my mother used to dress her, my sister, and I, in matching dresses which she made, but I'll stop here so you can actually enter and save the rest of my gushing for another day.

To enter, leave a comment on this post, become a follower of my blog, and 'like' Shabby Apple's Facebook page. Must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry.

To make the deal even sweeter use the Shabby Apple promotional code pinksundrops10off for 10% off your order whether or not you win. Code expires July 12, 2012.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Good luck!


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