Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Readers

Any suggestions for a blog reader? My favorite reader, Bloglines, is about to close November 1st, and I don't want my love of reading blogs to go with it. I love the folder capabilities. I can categorize all my blogs and go right to the blog posts I want to read without sifting through all of the new posts. On top of that, it lets me pick the specific blogs posts in that folder that I want to read, and doesn't show me all of the new posts for all the blogs at once. Any suggestions for readers that have these capabilities?

Also, I attempted to mobile post this, but no such luck. Maybe I'm missing something with the mobile posting.


linda said...

google reader :) lets you do all of that

pinksundrops said...

Linda, I've tried google reader and it pulls up all brand new posts, then marks them as read whether I just scrolled through them and actually read them or not! Do you know how to get past that?


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