Thursday, December 01, 2011

Adventures with Mai

Mai is my long-time blogger, real life friend, and best friend. We met thru a group I created here in Austin called Austin Bloggirls. Austin Bloggirls has since gone by the wayside (read: I've been too busy to cultivate and create get togethers), but there are a few of us who remain close. Mai and I being two of them, plus our girl Jackie, and our girl Kiley.

Dropping Mai off at the airport for one of her many excursions.

Mai travels the world often and sometimes I only get to see her in short spurts, but when we do we have a blast doing whatever new, fun, and close to free thing we can discover whilst talking and laughing up a storm. Food trailers, restaurants, events, markets, farms, you name it we go check it out.
 Exploring Boggy Creek Farm

 and wanting SO bad to crash their farm dinner.
 Fortunately, the kind parking lot keeper let us walk around and explore after a spontaneous decision to check out the farm.
Swinging outside my nephew's work. Mai refused to get on so she took a picture of me instead. I took a picture of her with Storm Troopers at the book fair later, only I don't have that photo on my camera!
 Texas Book Fair!
 Frozen hot chocolates after Torchy's. Yum!
 I look like I'm about to hurt you.
 Mai's so cute! She makes me laugh.

Mai is also one of the most supportive people I have ever met in my life. I don't meet a lot of supportive people, because I tend to be the supportive one. But Mai is supportive no matter what. When we moved to Leander, she was there with a meal for our family. When we had Easter in our new house, she was there. I go to her for parenting advice, friendship advice, school advice, life advice, and anything else I can think of.
 Love that I can hang out with her with no makeup and feel every bit as confident, fun, and care free as I do when I wear makeup.
 Yay! Somebody else took a picture for us. Favorite food truck, ever, Regal Ravioli! Love the chef in the background.

 Beet ravioli from Regal Raviol. OH MY GOODNESS. YUM.
Trying to take our own photo before one of the guys at Regal Ravioli kindly offered to take it instead. The take out dish is Mai's stand in for me. She cracks me up.

Our not so succesful self-portrait.
 Trailer Perk day when it was still hot.
 Man, this photo reminds me of why I love summers in Austin, especially summer days with Mai!!

I love her!


Tolly said...

Ok, I LOVE this little photo roundup of you and cute Mai. What a sweet friendship you too have. And the ravioli ... ! DROOL.

.Candy. said...

Looks like you guys really had a great time together! And that was really a funny look you had on! It was bordering seductive and just plain scary! Haha!

athena said...

Aww, what a wonderful post and friendship! Wish I had a friend like Mai to hang out with here. Oh, and that first ravioli shot -- food photographer in the making? :)

meme-and-he said...

frozen hot chocolate?!! what!!

Colleen said...

Oh how fun!

I always wanted to check out Boggy Creek Farm. But I never got a chance to do so before we moved. Oh well, maybe during one of our next visits back there.

just tututiny said...

Great roundup of photos. I love it when bloggers form such a great friendship in real life ;) These photos makes me miss the summer so much!

Hope you had a fab holiday!

Elle Sees said...

looks like fun! maybe one day i'll be brave and do some blogger meetups!

oomph. said...

she sounds like a fabulous friend. i've met a couple of great people thru blogging, and even though i've never met them, i know we could become great friends, too!


Larissa said...

That ravioli looks incredible!

Also, thanks for sharing your experiences with back pain. It's great that you figured out how to correct it. Hopefully, I can do the same!


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