Saturday, August 22, 2009

Austin's CRAVE Launch Party

When I first heard about CRAVE and their launch parties, I wasn't sure what it meant, what it stood for, or what the CRAVE Parties were all about. Then, I went to their website and read this blurb, "CRAVE is about girlfriends getting together. It's about connecting, having fun, indulging, learning more and empowering yourself!

The idea for CRAVE came about in 2001, when then 39-year-old, CRAVE Founder, Melody Biringer realized how much she missed spending time with her girlfriends. As Melody and her girlfriends followed their various journeys through life, it was clear that their busy schedules allowed for little time together." and I was hooked.

Apparently CRAVE goes around to different cities and supports women entrepeneurs and business owners by photographing them, interviewing them, and putting them in a CRAVE book. Then they throw a launch party!! Fortunately the Austin one just came to town and Dani and I made a point of attending.

Mini cupcakes, cheesecakes,tasty melon bruschetta,and an adorable store that looked straight from the set of FRIENDS,
who could resist?

We got there early as we always do and were glad once again for the chance to peruse the scene sans crowds. Unfortunately we didn't get to snag a gift bag as we had received an email earlier saying they were being reserved for the women in the book and their friends.

We shopped and chatted thru the mostly upholstered items store, with some very fun, exclusive items thrown in, called Spruce. One of the shop owners came over to introduce herself, and was very friendly. As I looked at their website to try and see if I could find her name, I discovered they do small upholstery classes as well for items such as an arm chair. I would absolutely love to learn how to upholster my own furniture and make something not usable into a coveted treasure!! She mentioned how much they love animals, and as I looked around I realized it was true. Yet, the items remained very classy. Wood carved bird ornaments,
outline of a deer print apron, butterfly journals. The colors popped off the blank store canvas and made you want to sit down and chat awhile.When the women in the book started to arrive, we were sent outside to get drink tickets for the "general crowd" entrance and come in the back way.
We went outside for our Tropical infused vodka tropictinis and came back inside to enjoy the delicious gazpacho, melon bruschetta from Brandy at Fine Home Dining, cupcakes from Paloma of coco paloma, and other desserts by Paloma such as the cheesecake bites.
and do a little more girl talk - exactly what the CRAVE blurb read - connecting, having fun, indulging, learning more, and empowering yourself! My talk with Dani turned into quite a deep conversation regarding the separate lives we sometimes create for ourselves, or are created for us through our work, school, and family roles. We talked about different ways we end up having to mesh those lives and bring a piece of each of those lives with us, yet still remain true to who we are.

As things started to wind down for our personal evening, Jennifer from Milk + Honey approached us and asked if we would like a chair massage. She had asked a few other ladies, and nobody seemed interested with their fancy outfits and done up hair,
so when she asked me I said, "Sure, why not?" My hair had just gone up as the more bodies that came in the hotter it got in there. I didn't have money for tip and told her so. Normally, I bring that with me everywhere, but it had completely escaped my mind earlier. I'd never had a chair massage before, and figured I might as well taken advantage of the stress relief if she didn't mind the lack of tip money, which she didn't. Excuse the goofy smile of, "Take the picture now so I can stop observing how awkward this position is in a room full of people."
Thank God I did, because I nearly fell asleep in the short 10-15 minutes of getting the massage. Normally, relaxing in a crowd especially while getting a chair massage is not my forte! But Jennifer made me feel right as if I was the only person in the room, and dozing off I went. Dani's turn was next while I struck up a conversation with Lizzie, also of Milk + Honey, and Brando passed the time taking artsy pictures with my camera.

I talked to Lizzie a little bit about blogging, and she was so curious and wanted to know all about how Dani, Mai, and I blog and what we blog about. I'm excited that she may start her own blog and will definitely be posting the link when she does. She was so cute and friendly, and even gave the three of us cards for free haircuts to Milk + Honey. I've heard about Milk + Honey before, good things but that they're a little pricey. After meeting Lizzie and Jennifer, though,and seeing how friendly they are I won't hesitate to make them my first choice for a spa day. I am definitely excited to try out the hair stylist Lizzie recommended. She recommended one for each of us, hence the possible blog title for her blog: Hair Yente. My hair stylist has lost her art since I first started going to her four years ago, so I am definitely excited to see if I've found a new stylist!

I didn't actually pick up the CRAVE book, because, well, $20 for a book that I still have to spend more to actually shop the stores seems a little much in this economy right now, but a little girl time, a little introsight, vodka, and cupcakes made my perfect evening. I'll definitely be thumbing through the book as I see it around town and checking out the stores that catch my eye!


L said...

That is SUCH an adorable store! I love the couch, pillows, table, etc. I would love to learn upholstery too, although I wonder if I would have the patience for it.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

The food looks absolutely delicious!

pinksundrops said...

L - totally your kind of store! And the girl there was so nice, too.

Chelsea - Oh my gosh it was so good! The gazpacho was the only thing that was a little funny - tasted like blended salsa. The cupcake with the flower might have been even better than Hey Cupcake and that's sacri-religious. Might.


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