Monday, August 03, 2009

Austin's First Annual Bleetup!!

After a fabulous and much needed whirlwind weekend trip to Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, I am finally posting a long overdue post on the FABULOUS first annual Austin's Bleetup hosted by the lovely Tolly. The Four Seasons Trio so graciously sponsored the event and provided the perfect, gorgeous outdoor venue on the lake.
Along with absolutely delicious appetizers including rosemary potato wedges, mini lambburgers and the set up to roast your own s'mores
complete with graham crackers, chocolate, and strawberries, and half off drinks. They also generously provided complimentary gift bags for the first 50 guests stuffed with all sorts of CDs, lotions, yummy TRIO popcorn goodies and lots of gift certificates!
So happy I happened to be number 47! The set up small tables to hold the champagne, with lovely gerbera daisy centerpieces and bubbles for those who wanted to indulge their inner child and play or take party favors home to their children like I did , as well as an entire area set up with cushy lounge chairs and sofas.
creating the PERFECT atmosphere.

The lovely, fun, and totally at ease Cory Ryan came out and did an AMAZING and fun photo booth that I crashed three times and was amazed by how at ease she put her subjects. I was also amazed at how much FUN we had in three minutes and came away with as many or moer gorgeous photos with her signature bright, and vivid colors.
I had read about the whole event just two weeks ago when I first discovered Tolly's fun Austin blog, Austin Eavesdropper, and jumped on reserving my RSVP right away and spread the word to other Austin bloggers I know. Dani and Mai, below,
also jumped on RSVPing. We were so excited to all go together! Mai and I crashed the lakeside hammocks as soon as we got there, trying to get the lake in the background.

I hadn't gotten a chance to read many other blogs, so we were on our own as far as introducing ourselves and meeting random x blogger. It was definitely intimidating but once we found a few stray wallflowers, we snagged them and proceeded to extract their blog story from them.
Brando met up with us as well and we ended up having a nice conversation with another "husband of blogger", R, Tolly's hubby,
Unfortunately, I was a total dork and left Brando's memory sticks for his camera at home when I went to meet up with him, so you will have to check out the lovely photos he took when Mai and I got him to steal her camera and cover the event over at Mai's. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mai, but the first two are by Mai, and the rest are by him. The evening started at 6pm and ended pretty promptly at 8pm,
except for us stragglers who stayed behind to get as much chatting in as we possibly could.
The overall evening was absolutely superb. I had so much fun meeting new friends and bloggers, including Seth from Year of the Pizza, the lovely and oh so knowledgable of all drinks free Amber Demure, who actually suggested the Four Seasons as the venue in the first place, and the very sweet Stephanie Marie of the Colours Marie.


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like so much fun!

L said...

Great party, it looks like! I love party favors. :) That photo booth was really cool. Adorable pic of you and Brando with the bubbles!

Alli Marie said...

LOVE the pic of you and the bubbles! The colors are so crisp!

And once again, you fail to take a bad picture!

colours marie said...

I had SUCH a great time meeting your great group of girls! And seriously, so photogenic!! I'm taking some pointers from you next time we get together!

Thanks for picking up this wild card in the group. It was so fun to make new friends with other bloggers! I love your blog - I've been inspired to make a links page this weekend from all the groovy blogs I found out about at the meetup, you will definitely be on the list!

Anonymous said...

heyy you kayaked down town lake right? where can i get more info on that?

pinksundrops said...

@foodnfit It was amazing! Loving your blog and have added you to my RSS feed!

@L Didn't it turn out cute? We don't get enough pictures of the two of us that aren't taken at arms' length so I am LOVING these!

@Alli You are too sweet. I've said it before, but look who's talking ; ) .

@Stephanie I'm so excited to be on your list!! What a great idea to make a list! I still have yet to make one of all the fantastic bloggers I discovered there, so you may just have inspired me to get mine started!

@mai I LOVE kayaking Town Lake! My favorite is the Rowing Dock, and is the one I've used the most. You can kayak to Redbud Island from there. There's also Zilker Park boat rentals in Zilker closer to the Barton Springs pool at . Haven't tried them. Last but not least on the north side of the river is Texas Rowing Center located along the Town Lake/Lady Bird trail.

Stace said...

I'm agreeing with Alli the one of you and the bubbles your eyes SERIOUSLY pop. It's great!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

What great photos!

pinksundrops said...

@stace Thanks! She did a GREAT job!

@chelsea Thanks : ) !! I like to take pictures of the whole experience! And the bubble ones were so fun.

Tina Vaziri said...

Sounds like fun! Love the photos of you!


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