Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekends of Fun

This last weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. Friends, good times, good memories, and a little bit of shopping, as well as going to see Whip It, which I highly recommend. I also recommend coming to see the roller derby in Austin, where the film was based, with me when their season opens again in January. The movie was killer, but it's even better in person!

A friend from school, M2, and I hit up the Round Rock outlets for some killer deals. I scored two Oakley jackets at Oakley similar to this one for $5, only one was solid black and one was solid white, and neither had the ribbing. This one is $70 on the website - yikes!! So perfect for school where they keep the classrooms FREEZING.
At GUESS I found two adorable pairs of earrings, one of them similar to these, only bigger and with black around the edges. The other pair were hoops with an opalescent appearance - perfect for summer. They look like you just picked shells up off the beach, but are also perfect for that winter outfit that needs just the right amount of winter white. $3.50 each!
At PacSun I found an adorable zebra print black and gray O'Neill cami - I heart O'Neill! - trimmed in black and with three buttons down the middle front, and a fun Lilu (my nickname : ) colorful purple, hot pink, black, and gray tank. As well as ripped jean shorts - yay next summer! All $5 a piece.

And that was the end of my not more than $30 shopping spree. I was so happy walking away from there with my pile of loot and most of my money!


L said...

Wow, you got some awesome awesome deals!

Kiley said...

i need to go shopping with you apparently!!! you find some great deals. :)

and i freaking love those and the san marcos outlets!

I'm going to the opening of the nordstrom rack in the morning! You should go if you can make it? I don't have class until 11, so I'm going to go around 8ish.

Zen is in said...

Dont ya love finding bargains!???? Good for you !!!!!!! Sounds like the perfect shopping spree - he he ~Angie

Erin Michelle said...

okay so long time no comment, lady! i have been a bad blogger and reader... but i'm making a comeback so i'm sending you a little taggy-tag. :)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

The RR Outlets are my fave!

pinksundrops said...

Laura - I was SOOO excited!!

Kiley - I was totally thinking about you that morning!! Sadly, I had class : ( . I almost considered skipping to go, though, haha!!

Angie - Hell, yes, I do. Unfortunately for me that's actually the only time I shop ; ) .

Erin - Yay!! Hiatuses are a good thing, but glad you're back!

Chelsea - Really? I feel like this is the first time I've discovered them and I am so in love! You and I should go sometime. I'm totally up for having awesome shopping partners : ) !! You, too, Kiley - sounds like you've already got the bargain shopping places down!


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