Monday, October 12, 2009

Study, Sleep, Play

I had one good round of blog posts in there, but really I haven't done much since school has started, except for, well, what's in the title. This weekend though Brando and I made it out to the Hideout Theatre for Ka-Baam! Hilarious, and just what I needed to relax and actually not think about studying for once. Friday night I took off at 10:30pm as soon as Brando got home from a guy's night, and went to go see Couples Retreat with a girlfriend from school. More laughs, and a totally cute film. Vince Vaughn was not completely raunchy for once, and I loved his character. And his wife's character! I loved the way the couples all ended up in a totally different direction from what you expected at the beginning, and the way their relationships spawned new developments during therapy. Saturday was super deep clean day, somebody came to look at the house, then relax in super clean, decluttered house that has actually managed to stay clean since, then off to improv.

Sunday was study, study, study day which was perfect because tonight was girls night with tomato and bell pepper pizza, salad with red and yellow bell peppers, avocado and garlic cheese croutons, red wine, and Potbelly cookies. Oh, and, as always, Gossip Girl and The Hills (which the latter is pretty darn drama ridden this season and almost to the point where it's not worth watching). Random and yum!

Sorry for the ho-hum post. More fun and pictures soon! As soon as I have the time to create them, that is, muahahahaha.

Some fun "engagement" pictures we took in the meantime. Because, you know, being married almost nine years deserves that.


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I saw Couples Retreat as well. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures!

Zen is in said...

Well life isnt always full of fun but it looks like you had a nice weekend and your engagement pics are so fun! I head couples retreat was really good and since youre the 4th person to say that I am going to see it! Have a great day! ~Angie

Austin Eavesdropper said...

These pictures are SO adorable.

pinksundrops said...

Chelsea - It sounds like you didn't! Oh no!! I was so relieved Vince Vaughn wasn't a douche for once.

Amy - thanks!!

Angie - I can't wait to hear what you think about it! And, yes, you're right, but we sure can try to make it that way : ) . It's getting better slowly but surely thank God - I had a FABULOUS weekend last weekend. No pictures, but it was exactly what I needed - rest, relaxation, friends, good times, good memories (and a little bit of shopping : ) .

Tolly - I heart them! Since most people are getting engaged at our age any way it totally works lol.

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