Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have already done SO much in the New Year I can't believe it! Of course I want to go over my 2009 resolutions but those will just have to wait. For now it's Free Week Austin!! If you haven't heard about this fabulous yearly Austin event go check it out now. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Yes, you read all those shows right. Free after free after free. At AWESOME venues like Emo's, Stubb's, and Mohawk. Brando and I were able to experience Stubb's for the first time on Saturday for no cover

to watch the bands The Side Show Tragedy

and Black Bone Child. Brando is in love with The Side Show Tragedy's sound. I love the civil war feeling of their song "Lady in Waiting".

I really enjoyed Black Bone Child's sound. Plus they were pretty to look at. One of the players got down on his knees in the first song and seemed to be staring right into my eyes!! Now I'm sure the band members don't see much into the crowd when they are up there playing so hard, but it sure made me nervous and I tucked a little more behind Brando. I thought it was interesting how they had the energetic and fun pretty boy, aka tall, Edward hair, and handsome (notice how Edward hair replaced dark), in the middle of the stage, even though he sang backup for most songs. The lead singer was off to stage right, literally slightly out of the spotlight. Oooh, but his voice was smoooth.

As a sidenote, I enjoyed BBC's music much more live than I enjoy the music on their website, though I'm getting into that as well, especially "Watch it Burn".

In between sets we sat on the few steps near the emergency exit to rest our not used to standing in one place all night feet.

Next time we'll try standing and/or sitting up in the balcony portion which connects with the restaurant that is Stubb's BBQ and see how it sounds from up there.

We weren't hot at ALL on the third band that played, White Rhino, but that's okay, two out of three is perfect.

Perfectly satisfied, we headed to Emo's to check out Harlem.

Because, hey, it was FREE. Had to throw that in there one more time.

After they finished fooling around and setting up, they started playing and we discovered they had a decent sound. Apparently they are Austin's baby, and, while we enjoyed their music, I'm not quite sure why. The lead singer was out of it leaning up against a pole to rub his eyes with his arms. Granted, as a friend explained, it was late in the night and they may've been partying previously. She also described them as a hipster band, although I'm not sure what hipster means. Although their style and that of the crowd suspiciously reminds me of the 70s. They did put on a FUN and entertaining show though - very interactive and humorous with the audience. I can definitely see going to check them out again. Either way, by that time our legs and feet were hurting, and I'm pretty sure we were getting high by breathing the smoke in the crowd, so we listened to a few songs then took off.

I am so loving discovering Austin live music with my hubby! Oh, and MUCH better photos to come when Brando gives me his photos. Including photos of Edwardian Black Bone Child band member.


linda said...

way to explore Austin's live music for FREE in one SWOOP. I'm impressed.

Nahl said...

wow sounds like an amazing way to celebrate the new year!
happy new years' to you.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

My car's in the shop, otherwise I'd totally be digging this week. Maybe next year...

pinksundrops said...

Linda - I was hoping to do some more, but MAN it's been cold this week. We'll see!

Nahl - Thanks! Must go check out your blog...

Chelsea - Aw man! At least your car is getting fixed - yay!


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