Monday, July 11, 2011

Coming Up Sunshine

A girlfriend gave me this shirt about a month ago. Up until this point I have never owned anything yellow that I've actually worn out. I owned a yellow dress once that I bought online and didn't pass muster (haha, get it muster - mustard, now say it in an Alice in Wonderland tone). This shirt sent me head over heels in love with yellow. I've worn it countless times and have even transferred the sunshine to my toes. I can't get enough of highlights of yellow in my wardrobe these days!

The cowboy hat was an experiment for fun, and though I like the look for a fun summer day, I'm not quite sure if I pulled it off.

 Earrings ~ Christine Ann Jewelry from Leavenworth, Bracelets ~ Burlington Coat Factory & Terra Toys, Faux Tattoo ~ Written with MakeUp ForEver eyeliner while shopping at Sephora by Brando Shirt ~ Charlotte Russe, Shorts ~ Grane from Macy's, Shoes ~ Target

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Tanvi said...

Yellow nails!!! Love it :) You look like sunshine itself in these pictures ... goes well with your Blog name!

♡ from ©

villagegirl said...

It's beautiful on you! I've always thought yellow was a nice colour for brunettes. :) I can't wear it because I would look like one colour from head to toe! Not so attractive...ha ha.
The hat's cute too. I think you could pull it off. I'm not sure there's too much you couldn't!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Love the yellow..perfect with the jean shorts too. And I agree with villagegirl about the hat. I'm not sure there's too much you couldn't. xo

Image Envy said...

I'm so glad EBEW is yellow - it just makes me happy. I'm glad you've discovered its greatness! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You look magnificent in yelloW! I love these are so very photogenic and pretty!!

I love to wear yellow...I have a yellow coat that is my favorite thing ever! It always add sunshine to my winter days. ;)

Amber Lena said...

I think you pulled off the cowboy hat fabulously! Great photos. You are so very pretty!

No Guilt Fashion said...

Yellow is such a pretty color on you. Also, I think you pulled off the cowboy hat just fine.

Monica and Whitney said...

What a fabulous EBEW look! I love it! And I love the cowboy hat!

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Sarah Grecco said...

You look so great in yellow. I love yellow. I also love mustard. You look great!

Get Up & Go

A Fabulous Life said...

You look fabulous in yellow... and I think you pulled off the cowboy hat. Your pictures are gorgeous as always :) xo

.Candy. said...

your outfit is so cute! i love your top! i also like the fact that you're lounging by the pool!



Shasie said...

Great look for EbEW I love the top!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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Cathy said...

The top plus the cowboy hat has this flattering effect that anyone who may meet you, will always take a second look, eh. Love the outfit!

Cathy@embroidery digitising


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