Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wild Basin

I apologize for the delay in posting - was waiting until I was able to upgrade google storage for my photos!

Ever since I heard that Wild Basin has waterfalls years ago, I have been wanting to hike it. Only, I heard that it costs to park so it tended to fall low on my priority list of hiking options when the opportunities came up. Until Martin Luther King day when we decided to splurge on a hike close to home and go. It may have been a holiday fluke, but as luck would have it parking was absolutely free!

The hike exceeded my every expectation. After a steady decline downhill along tree covered paths,with cute little wooden signs pointing the way,and gorgeous spanning views of the hill country, we happened upon the breathtaking waterfall - the largest one I've seen in Austin. The rain a few days earlier helped the steady rush of water, a fact I had counted on when choosing this particular hike that day.The perfect place for kids to explore and run around, as the waterfall was located a little hike down from the pathway. Our boys weren't the only ones running around exploring every nook and cranny.
The second waterfall just opposite the large waterfall was a pleasant surprise. The hike back up along a babbling brook,near heart rocks, past peaceful benches & twisted roots, as well as up a steady incline, definitely deserved water which we neglected to bring, but the resulting amazing hillside views more than made up for it. A hillside view we didn't get pictures of for lack of breath and water, but one we will definitely peruse more on our next venture to Wild Basin. I can't wait!


Sonya said...

It looks beautiful and I absolutely love the name, "Wild Basin".

Ashley said...

babe, these are gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad that you chose to take the hike. Glad that I was able to be there through the pictures of the heart rocks and the waterfalls (makes me a tad jealous!). And I adore the last picture of the boys - it's wayyyyyy too cute.

<3 ash

villagegirl said...

What a gorgeous hike! I'd go back again too!
Love the heart rock. :)

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - It was beautiful and I didn't think about it until you said that, but the name also perfectly describes the hike location.

Ashley - Aw, I love that you were "there" through the pictures. We will definitely have to take our own hike on one of those gorgeous Arizona days when we meet up! I love that pic of the boys, too - it was so sweet to see them walking together.

Villagegirl - Thanks! I do, too. I love that the heart rock was so huge!


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