Friday, May 27, 2005

The Boats, The Beaches, The Day

Just thought I'd drop a line from down here in San Diego. We're here for the wedding. The boys have their tuxes and the flower girl who is also my niece has her dress. I'm a little nervous about the whole ring bearer thing - he'll be carrying a pillow with no rings on it, handing it to the best man, sitting down with us - good for him, kind of strange though. I guess it's supposed to be symbolic? I'm trying not to be nosy or pushy. Then I picked out the little girl's dress trying to be helpful because I thought my sister who'd waited until a week before had forgotten about getting one. Hopefully the bride likes it. Ack. Nerves. Can't imagine the bride's. She was puking her guts out yesterday, and not from alcohol - she doesn't drink.

But enough nerves. It's been a beautiful ... day since we've been here, although it feels like a week. We drove up a looong drive on Wednesday, got here about 8pm, ate dinner and crawled into bed. Yesterday was spent getting manicures and pedicures and Hubby took the little guys in the pool. The rehearsal was in the afternoon which Little Guy slept through and Flower Girl wasn't here yet, so today we'll be winging it. The groom's parents have rented a beach house for the week so yesterday evening they hosted a rehearsal 'beach bbq' there, it was gorgeous and fun. Note to self, rent beach house instead of hotel whenever there are enough willing people. Today we'll just be getting dressed, making sure to have lunch beforehand, and arriving early enough for pictures. The boys are at breakfast and I need to be going to get ready for the day.


island girl said...


have fun ;)

xx amanda

Hannah said...

Have a great time! :-)

Stacey said...

Oh, weddings!

I'm in the midst of trying to get together a shower and deal with other things maid-of-honorish these days. I'm stressed enough, but I cannot imagine how busy/nervous my friend is!

Hope you had a great time!!!

Cecilia said...

I just want the sun, you know? :)

Like Amanda, I am desperately jealous!

(PS My Mom's arriving from Vegas on Sunday...and staying with me until the end of July!)

mommyd said...

Sounds like fun! I will be back to San Diego in three short weeks! I can't wait!

girl from florida said...

I love San Diego, we went a few times last year for conferences. Fun! You guys have fun and take some pics to share with me :)

Miss you, PSD!! xoxo

Adrianne said...

Hope you're doing well...miss you!


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