Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Over the past several weeks something really really wonderful has come out of all this misery and financial hardship. My sister and her mother-in-law have come alongside of me in prayer and encouragement and giving me hope. Her mother-in-law, who has always been my kiddos Texas grandma only by mention, officially became my kids grandma by their hearts. Shawners now calls her MY Grandma and requests french toast on Saturday mornings. She has also adopted me in the process, as her second daughter. Last week my sister and I went to Rolling in Thyme and Dough and ate chicken salad sandwiches, turkey sandwich croissants, and a fruit dessert, for Grandma's birthday. She shared with me financial struggles, personal childhood hardships, and depression periods she has gone through and reminded me that if I just keep going there is hope. I have always idolized her, thinking she is the perfect woman, mother, wife, grandmother, mother-in-law. She has a beautiful Tuscan-style dream house, decorates gorgeously in french country style, is a gourmet cook, a fantastic gardener and knows the name of every plant she sees, and has the sweetest spirit. She'd always talked about her uncle who was a botanist and her mother who loved to bake. I never would have imagined she had gone through anything so hard in her childhood or life had she not told me. Somehow hearing her stories encouraged me that I'm not screwed up for life - there still is something beautiful ahead for me, and right now.

Yesterday she took me to Fredericksburg and treated chicken salad, tuna salad, mango iced tea, ginger peach hot tea (air conditioning + iced tea = goosebumps), and strawberry crepes at the Peach Tree. Unfortunately my camera was not charged so I only have pictures of strawberry crepes with creme filling, our table for two and mango iced tea and our garden and terrarium view window on my cell phone!

Wild Seed Farm Market Center

Afterwards we stopped by the renowned Wildseed Farm for pineapple salsa and peach salsa she bought for me, and to enjoy the beautiful gardens. She even paid for my fuel for my car!! It was soooo nice to feel like I have a nurturing grandma/mom figure here in Texas. It's nice to be spoiled!
Wildseed Farms Market
My sister had watched my kids while we were gone and when we got back into town and my sister picked up Grandma, they both kept my kiddos so I could get to class. While I drove home in traffic and straight to class, they drove out to the Marble Falls library and checked out five books for Justinbustin's book report that's due, then went to the local nursery and purchased bedding plants to take back to Grandma's house and plant with the boys. That was our main reason for stopping at the Wildseed Farm earlier but they didn't have the bedding plants Grandma was looking for.
Acres & Acres of Seasonal Flowers
By the time I picked up the boys they had planted five plants, made caramel popcorn, cleaned my sister's house and earned money for doing it, and had an amazing time. I feel a sense of perfect contentment when my children and I have had such a fulfilling, nurturing, and hope filled day.



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