Friday, March 27, 2009

Unpack and Unwind

Last night I finally had the chance to unpack after being thrown back into the wash of things on Tuesday. I decided to use the time to catch up on all my girlie conversations I missed the eleven days I was gone. After three lengthy conversations, the last of which was with Alyssa who I miss terribly, probably even more so because she's five thousand miles away from me and the likelihood of seeing her again anytime soon is next to nil, any way, off topic, she suggested adding wine to the unpacking. After we got off the phone so she could take off to shoot her wedding, I promptly made a vino run and texted KT to join me for wine and unpacking after she got out of yoga if she wanted to. She ended up showing up at my door an hour or so later. Even better I had just finished the last of the unpacking, so it was perfect time to catch up on girlie hanging out time. We finished the bottle of wine, the best fudge ever in the world I bought from Hawaii, hardwood smoked turkey sandwiches with cucumbers, and cheese bread from Papa Murphy's, looked thru my pictures from Hawaii, and watched two episodes of Kath & Kim. Ahhh, relaxation.


L said...

Food sounds delicious!! What is Kath & Kim? Is it strange that I haven't heard of that show?

h*dizzle said...

wine and unpacking is good...alcohol and packing, not so much =p lol!


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