Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What We Did Do in Hawaii

White Plains Beach where Brando attempted to surf - I was a wimp because the water there was too cold, Bellows Beach with beautiful white powder sand and clear warm water set against the back drop of the incredible mountains that looked they were carved by a hundred different waterfalls and covered in a luscious green, Sunset Beach where we saw the sunset twice, Turtle Beach where we saw sea turtles lounging on the beach, drove by Waimea Beach every day
Ko Olina Resort lagoons and tide pools
Waimea Valley Audobon Center
Sailing on the Makani Catamaran by Waikiki, Diamond Head and watching whales
Hiking Diamond Head
Cocktails, coconut shrimp, beef brochette, and seafood egg rolls watching a show at Halekulani House Without a Key, a restaurant on the beach at a gorgeous resort
Cafe Hale'iwa four times, Brandon's favorite
Shark's Cove tide pools
Halana Blowhole and another gorgeous lookout
A bar on the beach next to our bay, with a lava flow watching the sunset
Kayak Surfing and Kayaking alongside a sea turtle for an hour and a half
Kayaking with Alyssa's little girls
Matsumato's shave ice twice
Dinner at Ola's at Turtle Bay Resort where the Hills was filmed a few weeks ago. Eeee! That was even a little better than our normal girls' nights watching it ; ) .
Drove the east coast which was gorgeous along the southeastern end and driving right next to the beach but depressing when we got to the northeastern drive where the homes were right on the water but so weather beaten and junk laden that they looked desolate
Brando swam under a waterfall at Waimea Audobon Center
Pearl Harbor, the USS Bowfin and Arizona Memorial
Aloha Bowl Swap Meet for souvenirs
Dole Plantation, where we had pineapple ice cream (yum!)
Dinner twice with Alyssa's family!
A stroll along our private beach and bay
Drove by Chinaman's Hat island while driving the windward side
Snorkeled Haunama Bay and Shark's Cove (AMAZING! Now we wish we had snorkeled there both times)
Walked the cute little beach town of Hale'iwa
Malasadas from Leonard's (thanks, Alyssa!)

Basically everything on my first list minus two, plus a few from the other list (we decided we'd rather relax and not stress about money than do the shark swim)! Yay!


Samira said...

So jealous! (In a good way). Sounds like you had a blast. So happy for you - you certainly deserve it. Any pictures?

pinksundrops said...

Yes! There are 3000 pictures ;). I spent an hour uploading about 300 of them on Facebook. They are all on Brando's computer other than that so I have to take the time to get them on here!

pinksundrops said...

Thanks, by the way : ) .

Heather said...

We did pretty much everything you did when were there. We just love that place and look forward to going back someday!


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