Monday, March 08, 2010

Austin's Tasty Up Trailer Tour

Because it's rainy and ugly, and I want it to be the weather where I could do this again right now.
Jackie and Ryan joined the four of us for Austin's Tasty Up Trailer Tour,
the brainchild of Addie Broyles and Jodi of Tasty Touring. In the spirit of the latest and greatest craze of delicious and local food, the Tasty Up is a fabulous concept involving under $3 menu choices at some of the most delicious trailers tour stops around Austin. As a result, allowing one to try way more than one trailer on one budget, and one tummy. Our first stop was La Boite
for our nametags
and free french press coffee
starting the tour off right. Their concept of french pastries makes me excited to try them again.

This was the absolute fabulous scene that greeted us and made my heart smile.
Our boys joined us for this event, and surprisingly buried themselves in books
while we enjoyed our coffee then waited at our infamous second stop.

Our second stop was The Texas Cuban, a hot pressed sandwich joint that reminded me of a bbq joint mixed with a little international flair.
Unfortunately a forty minute wait ended with a refund as they were totally unprepared for the crowds that awaited them and started giving out refunds by the handful.
Hope they took me up on my suggestion of announcing via twitter another day where you could obtain their Trailer Tour specials to make up for it. Unfortunately, I'm not aware if they did. Their one redeeming quality was their Dr. Pepper with Imperial Sugar.
Quite a treat for my boys who are normally denied soda by Mommy.

Our third stop was Odd Duck farm to trailer, a fabulous concept of small plates of gourmet food, headed up by Bryce, former sous chef of Cafe 909 in Marble Falls, who also happens to be the son of the owner of Z'Tejas Grill. Fortunately we were fourth in line because the line quickly grew.
Shawners was fascinated with the cooking process,
as was I last time I came. The choices this time were equally amazing.
We ordered the grilled half quail with sweet potato puree, pecans, and sage,
the carrot soup shot with paprika,
and the gulf shrimp with citrus marinated cauliflower.
The only item I wasn't a fan of was the shrimp, with it tasting a little fishy to me, but the rest of the group loved it. The carrot soup shot was absolutely amazing. Shawners had his first quail ever in the form of a tiny drumstick, and wanted more when he was done. I had to have a picture, but he was very upset about that.
Our fourth stop was Gourdough's.
Delicious yumminess in the form of doughnuts - and in this particular case, five donut holes. If I remember what all they were - Flying Pig, bacon with maple syrup icing, Slow Burn, habarnero pepper jelly with cream cheese icing, Miss Shortcake, cream cheese icing with fresh cut strawberries, and Coco Loco, coconut filling with cream cheese and pineapple icing.
I wish they offered these on a regular basis because it's all I can handle of the overboard calorific deliciousness. As a side note, a doughnut from there does last me five days.

Our fifth stop was Austin Daily Press, a hot bed of panninis, only on crispier, crunchier, yummier bread.
Oh. my. goodness. My favorite stop on the trailer tour at this point.
I ordered the Mozzarello, Roma Tomato, and Balsamic Pesto,
and Jackie ordered the Meatball, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Marinara, both which came in their adorable and ecogreen wrapping.
Both were amazing, although I preferred mine. Especially because I gave my square of the meatball to Brando since he couldn't eat the pine nuts in the pesto.
The setting here struck me the most
with the fire pit
next to the babbling brook,
the painted spools to gather around, eat, and talk on a warm summer night,
and the fun little kid toys my boys had way too much fun with.
They have this location on South 1st during the day and are open in the parking lot of the Mohawk at night for a healthy late night alternative when you've had too much fun watching live music and drinking good drinks at the Mohawk, Stubb's, or Emo's nearby.

Our sixth stop was the much talked about G'raj Mahal, an Indian food trailer with a totally unexpected outdoor seating area
and even more unexpected art.
Even though their undeveloped website makes me giggle with! the! exclamation! marks!, I don't really think Indian food sits well with me at all. This is the second time I've had it and the second time I wasn't impressed. The first time Brando had a major allergic reaction (apparently they use a lot of pistachios in there sauces, the nut Brando happens to be allergic to most - who knew?). The second time neither of our throats or stomachs sat well afterwards and all we had was a samosa.
Also, the Kulfi was not a hit with even our most ice cream loving man, Shawners. As I read the description now "pistachio-cardamom kulfi" I'm realllly glad Brando didn't eat it. The rest of our group seemed to enjoy their samosas though.

Our next stop was not on the trailer tour, but a pleasant little surprise nonetheless. Town Market serves as a teeny little two story
natural convenience store for the apartment building above it and around it. Their selection gave you a healthy array of plenty of quick meal and snack options
and their bread display was enviable with a view of the lake on one side and a view of the high rise condos on the other.
Tiny, but adequate, we spent a good fifteen minutes in here chatting with the guy running it,
who informed us the store was an offshoot of Cissi's Market, another local favorite.

Our final stop was on the east side and involved parking a ways down the street as we attempted an unsuccesful stop prior, but the walk was enjoyable and much needed for our full tummies. I love the feel of the east side and the unique character in the buildings.
Also, I love that Mai joined us for a moment on her last day before heading off for tour for way too long.
Trailer Perk turned out to be my second favorite of the day,
with their half price coffees
and hot chocolates for the boys suckering me in,
and their way too fresh and delicious Kasey Shayne sandwich with roast beef, provolone, fresh tomato, and chimichurri.
This was my first time tasting chimichurri, which appears similar to pesto but is made of fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and it was oh so delicious. As our last stop we stayed, chatted,
and rested (notice Brando in the back)
for a bit.

We were exhausted after our last round and all too content to go home full and happy. The way to our hearts was definitely through our tummies that day, and I can't wait to eat at the majority of these places again.


Optimista said...

So sad that I missed this tour! It looks like you guys had an amazing time of it! I'm so hungry now!

Jodi said...

Impressive round-up of stops! I have to check out Town after seeing your pictures. Looks adorable :-)

L said...

Oh wow, I would've loved to do that trailer tour - it all looks and sounds so delicious! I wish we had trailers here. I did see a Mexican food trailer I'd like to try, and I know there is a cupcake van that drives around - but it never hits my work neighborhood. :(

zenisin said...

What an awesome day! Great food! Everything looks delicious and what a fun and exciting it! Wish we had something fun like that. Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Kiley said...

eeee, great pics at one of my favorite places!

hope you had a wonderful break beautiful. miss you so much.

pinksundrops said...

Optimista - It was awesome! Such a great way to try so many different trailers without having to eat a whole meal there. Hope you get to make it next time!

Jodi - Town is adorable. And the guy there was so nice and helpful. Tell him we said hi!

L - I noticed they have food trailers in Hawaii, too, only they're mostly shrimp trucks. Austin blows me away with the food choices they have out of those things. Our city might be quite unique with that.

Zen - You get gorgeous wine tours out there ; ) .

Kiley - Thanks, girl. I had a fantastic break and can't wait to see you before you head up north!!!


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