Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Hello lovely readers. Where has time gone? Give me a Valentine's weekend and an exam and I have disappeared! As none of the posts I really want to post are actually written, and since wedding season is coming up I shall show you instead the lovely afternoon Brando and I spent
attending the Tribeza Wedding Day at the Driskill Hotel the other weekend. We had so much fun alternately announcing we were engaged, then married, then shocking people with the fact we've been married for ten years. I wish I had a video of their reactions. Thanks to Cori Ryan and The Cupcake Bar for believing us that while we are not engaged, we love to check out any and all of the resources Austin has to offer!

What a wonderful surprise it turned out to be. Tribeza puts on a wedding day annually and it was so upscale, relaxed, and uncrowded, it was an absolute delight to attend. Not to mention the free champagne, ohmigoshtodiefor wedding cake, Driskill created drinks, and seminars on how to pick the perfect photographer, florist, etc. What a perfect place to find out all about how to create the wedding of your dreams!

We were able to meet the delightful wife of the husband and wife owner team of Marquee Events. They have been married 50+ years and and she had nothing but wonderful things to say for us. I wish I could put her in my pocket and have her guide me through life! Her and her husband bought an event service and started Marquee Events on a whim because her husband wasn't happy in his engineering job and her perspective was, why go through life unhappy? Their work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I have seen them setting up several times at Laguna Gloria, and Becky told us they have a custom made tent for Laguna Gloria which fits the walkways perfectly and transforms it into an elegant indoors only you're actually outdoors event. If you ever plan a wedding or event and need a tent this is the place to go.

We also, of course, said hi to Cory Ryan, and The Cupcake Bar, both of who had lovely booths. I so wish they had a vendor list so I could tell you who made this delicious wedding cake and rave on the other vendors, but, alas, they do not.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the vendors. As it was my first time there I was completely enamored with the Driskill itself. The amount of detail
and the modern feel of the place in all it's old-world elegance absolutely captivated me. If I were to have a wedding indoors this would be the place. Actually, if it were to be a small wedding, I'd still have it outdoors on one of their gorgeous balconies.
I did manage to get a picture of their cake, and while Brando's photo was better, I love that I captured the model brides that were walking around in the background in mine.
The cake itself was absolutely divine - my favorite, white chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry. So very moist and perfect. And that's saying a lot for me since I'm not a huge fan of wedding cake.
They even had a scotch room for the men. Though in my opinion if your man resigned to the scotch room you might want to rethink your decision about marrying him in the first place.
Fortunately, for the brides that were there, the room was virtually empty, except for the few picking up a drink and leaving.

After our absolutely enchanting afternoon, Brando and I had a blast walking around the streets of downtown Austin for a moment and enjoying the downtown scenery.
My goofy man.
The view from the Driskill balcony.
A random alleyway.
A serious picture for once.


linda said...

i LOVE the last photo of ya'll

Katie ♥ said...

You and your husband are a beautiful couple!!! Sounds like you had a fun day!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Loving your blog! xoxo

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Your photos of you and Brandon always make smile!
Love the Driskill and Tribeza, but the two together? Jealous!
Take care dear.

Kiley said...

agree with chelsea, pics of yall always make me smile!!!!!

miss you very much, we need to do something this week!

zenisin said...

Love love love that you always find such interesting things to do with your husband, family and friends. I love hopping on here just to see what you have thought up to do!!!!!! Good for you for always making life a lil adventure. ;-) Angie

pinksundrops said...

Linda - Thanks! I do, too. I had to get Brando to not be goofy to catch it ; ) .

Katie - Thanks! You and both of your men are adorable as well.

Chelsea - Yay! The Driskill was amazing. I can't wait to try dinner there.

Kiley - I miss you too girl!! How about after spring break?

Zen - I love our adventures as well and am realizing they are a part of who I am. Glad you enjoy seeing what we've thought of : ) .

- If only I could read mandarin...


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