Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Snowboarding at Northstar was amazing! This year I was determined we would make it to the snow, and that's how we ended up at Northstar for Christmas week. Special thanks to Brando's Mom for loaning, borrowing, and buying enough snow gear so that the only thing we had to rent was snow boots for Justinbustin.
At Northstar we took advantage of the small ratio of students to instructors at Burton Academy. While it was more costly, I figured since we only had one day there we might as well make the most out of it. I definitely didn't want to walk away without knowing how to snowboard, and I wanted Brando to actually have some time to have fun boarding the slopes and not have to be stuck like glue to us the entire time.
I'm so glad I took lessons while Brando took the runs from the top of the mountain to the bottom more than several times. My knees were burning but I was able to go down the bunny hill four or five times, and I can definitely get on my new snowboard with a gorgeous peacock on it that I heart, and do a little shredding. The kids took their lessons separate from me - thank goodness because I saw too many parents dragging crying children down the slopes. Justinbustin was catching air by the end of the day, taking the bunny hill by himself and trying to catch the fresh powder in the trees. In between boarding lessons we had lunch together and convinced a cold handed Shawners to go back out and finish his lesson by lining his gloves with hand warmers and another pair of gloves. Shawners was more on my level by the end of the day, but loved it, telling me he caught air then flipped and his board hit his head, he finished his story by saying how awesome it was.

The day was clear and gorgeous. Just before the end of the day the resort turned into a winter wonderland with gorgeous huge flakes of snow for a bit.
Before the end of the day, we boarded around together for a bit, watched Justinbustin come down the run a few times, and watched Shawners walk in knee high snow before heading back down the mountain on the gondola.

Going on our first trip to the snow ever as a family (and the kids and my first time ever) was a complete success and I still can hardly believe we went. What an amazing trip!


Ashley said...

aww yay! Glad to hear that your first trip went extremely well and that everyone had a fantastic time! :0)

Also, wanted to let you know that Trav and I went ice skating (due to your super cute photos) that was a reminder that we really needed to go. We didn't take the camera though(thankfully) because I would have made Trav hold it and he fell. Hurt his knee pretty bad, poor baby. And when he feel his phone screen where now some of it won't show (and we don't have phone insurance). LOL. Throughout it all, we still had a great time and happy that we went. :)

P.S. If I don't talk to you before then, hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

<3 Ash

pinksundrops said...

Aw, Ashley. I'm so sad he fell! I did that once and paid for it in a wrist brace the next couple weeks. Now the camera only comes out when I've been skating for awhile and am back to being comfortable on the ice. Oh, and boo that his phone broke. I'm glad you had fun, any way!!

You have a wonderful Christmas, too!!

PattyAnn said...

Looks amazing! I can't wait until the little one is old enough to take on family vacations!

L said...

I wish we had done this while I was growing up! Unfortunately I am scared to death to ski after tearing my ACL at Keystone during college. I'd love to get over my fear, but I feel it in my knee big time. yay for a new family activity for you guys! Also, I looove peacocks. I want to see that board!

Goldilocks said...

FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!! What amazing family memories to always have to look back on! And maybe an annualy tradition???

Camels & Chocolate said...

Glad you had good powder! It's dumped on Tahoe this past week, but was disappointing before then. Northstar is my favorite, and we just bought Heavenly season passes which are good at Northstar, too. Can't wait to go after the holidays!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I am glad you and your famuly had so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

pinksundrops said...

PattyAnn - Although, the nice thing about vacations when they're little is they're still free. Of course, then you have to redo them when they're older so they'll remember as I'm discovering with mine who don't remember some of the things we've done a million times!

L - I'm working on that snowboard pic. Most of our pics are on Brando's computer which I don't have access to right now. I can understand being anxious after having that happen!

Goldilocks - SO much fun. It was a lot of work, though! And I'm addicted to new experiences. But we do have all the equipment so we'll see :) .

C&C - I had no idea it snowed into March until my instructor told me! I wanted to make sure we took advantage of the snowy season so I did December. Now I'm excited to possibly go in some of the warmer months. Loved reading your post on skiing recently - although that's half the reason I'm STILL terrified of any amount of speed.

Chelsea - Thanks, girl! You, too! Had a wonderful Christmas at this point :) .


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