Monday, December 13, 2010

Most Romantic Date Ever

Ice skating on top Whole Foods has to be one of my most favorite dates ever. So very romantic skating around hand in hand,
giggling and laughing at each other, squealing as Brando pushes me from behind, hands on my hips, pushing me to go faster and faster and reminding me to turn, tracing hearts in the ice. Leaning side-by-side over the edge and looking out onto the city lights. Perma-smiles as we walk down the stairs, hardly able to wait until the next time we go.


Alicia said...

so fun!!

Ashley said...

super cute! :) I love date nights, especially about reading them. As it is being Christmas time, everyone should go ice-skating. Trav and I still have to do it. I love the pics of you two on one of your favorite date nights. You guys are such an adorable couple! :)

<3 Ash

Ashley said...

P.S. I wanted to know that you made my new post! I love your blog and always look forward to reading more. :)

<3 Ash

Goldilocks said...

How FUN!! Love love love love!!!

pinksundrops said...

Alicia - It was a blast! One of my favorite holiday things to do each year.

Ashley - Aw, thanks. I love reading date night posts, too. They make my heart smile. I can't see pics when you and Trav go!

ANNNNDDD, double awww thanks! Wow, as I commented on your blog, what an HONOR to be one of your favorite blogs. You are definitely one of mine! I'm so glad we discovered each other!

Goldilocks - So much fun! I was looking through my old ice skating posts and saw an old comment of yours about coming with me sometime. How fun would that be! Especially with the Architect and Brando along :) .


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