Friday, December 10, 2010

Leggings = Love

I've been wanting to try the legging, short dress or long shirt, and boots look forEVER.

Fortunately I still had a birthday gift card left over from Forever 21. Yes, my birthday was in July. I found the most adorable fuzzy, warm, short sleeve cowl neck sweater similar to this one for only $20. Mine has a same color tie instead of the belt, no ribbing, and is definitely cuter and fuzzier - perfect to go with the adorable leggings I found.
(photo of Jackie & I, in the sweater,
but with dark, skinny jeans, and knee high black boots
at Tolly's fabulous Bleetup)

Over Thanksgiving, I grabbed the cutest pair of Steve Madden leggings I never would've paid $17 for, but since Mom was footing the bill I went for it. I'd been searching for a pair with buttons down the side and found them at DSW Shoe Warehouse.

I already had the boots from my MIL a few winters ago. Though mine are more versatile with a lighter suede and slightly shorter, these are similar. Not sure what the cost was at the time, but we found them at Dillard's.
Wish I had a picture of me in my cute outfit, not just the top, but I'm taking a break from overloading my life with camera moments.

Total cost to me = free. Thanks, Mom & MIL!


Ashley said...

aww!! leggings make all outfits look cute :0) i adore the snow boots!! :)

<3 Ash

pinksundrops said...

Ashley - I'm so glad I braved wearing them! They really do make all outfits look cute - as long as my booty is covered otherwise I feel a little exposed.

Christy said...

Leggings + tunic sweaters is a very cute look! I've also been buying sweaters from F21, they're just too cute and cheap not to!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I love this look too :)
You look really great.
Next time I can't wait to see the whole outfit


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