Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I did it! I bought Katy Perry tickets to her California Dreams tour coming to Austin as {one of} Brando's birthday presents to me. So FLIPPIN' excited!

Speaking of Brando, he is coming with me - I gave him a choice and warned him he may be the only guy there. Although, I have to admit, I did throw in that I went to his much desired go-to event last year, and this would be my turn for him to go to my much desired go-to event. He assured me he'd love to go with me, and was sure there will be other guys who have been dragged along. SO darn exciting. While it would be fun to take a girlfriend and he wouldn't mind if I did, I am giddy excited to get to share an experience I'm so looking forward to with him.

I can't wait for the COLOR!
Her over-the-top colorful props and scenes she's famous for in her music videos.
And her gorgeous voice, of course.
Most of all, I'm looking forward to my absolute favorite songs:

California Girls - "Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast" is one of the lyrics and is the title to my facebook album of our vow renewal pictures.

Teenage Dream - This makes me think of Goldilock's super sappy love story via a past post of hers, which, in turn, makes me think of my own love story- the way she loves that man makes me appreciate mine all the more and be determined to show him just how much I love him as she does her man.
This is my favorite pose and hold with Brando. On top of that, it reminds me of our vow renewal photos.

Firework - The song that lately makes me feel like I can conquer the world and peps me up when I'm feeling down, as it does for a lot of my girlfriends. Including Teagan, who I have to thank for encouraging me to actually buy these tickets - without her encouragement I definitely can't say I would have made sure it happened. So happy she did!
Not Like the Movies - I love the versatility of her voice. Her voice sounds like it belongs in a 1920s jazz club in this song, and I can't wait to see how she interprets it live.

According to her California Dreams' tour setlist aka list of songs she plays, I will have to wait til' the end to hear my favorite songs, which will leave me on a FANTASTIC note. Plus, it will get "I Kissed a Girl" out of the way in the beginning - one of my least favorite songs. Actually, I don't like it at all - especially after an ill-informed DJ played it at my son's third grade carnival. DJ fail.
I'm starting my grooveshark playlist now so I can know the songs before I go. SO darn excited!!

Updated: Just came across this picture that Katy Perry's husband, Russell Brand, posted on his Twitter account of Katy in the morning in December. Big oops on his part as he deleted it a few hours later with nary a mention, but I still love that he posted it in the first place. It's so important for girls to see the Hollywood effect and not beat themselves up for who they are. Although, I wish she left it up and withstood the bad press, but it still makes me even more excited to see her now! To read the whole story go here.


Sonya said...

Concert tickets are a great birthday gift and I bet Katy's concert will be really amazing.

Ashley said...

sounds like SO much fun! Hope you have a blast. Katy Perry is awesome :)

<3 Ash

Sarah Soon-To-Be said...

Haha how exciting - twice as much so that you got Brando to tag along :) I'm sure he'll enjoy himself!

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - I'm hoping so! I'm usually not a big concert fan, I just don't understand spending that much money on something I could listen to for free on the internet, but with this one I'm paying for the experience.

Ashley - Thanks, girl. I'm so looking forward to it :) !

Sarah Soon-To-Be - Isn't it, though? And I'm sure he will, too - he has fun no matter where he is :) .


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