Friday, February 25, 2011

Art Show

Last night Brando and I attended an art show that he was a photographer for. The setting was a gorgeous warehouse with reclaimed materials making it appear almost finished out. I loved the textures and the details almost more than the art itself. Unfortunately, since Brando knows the guy I don't want to mention either the location or the name of the art show and have him come across my still-private-to-people-I've-met-outside-of-my-blog blog, but the pictures speak for themselves.
On our way - Brando was having a conversation with my dad.
The gorgeous setup
Love watching people observe the photography.
Some of Brando's friend's gorgeous pet photography.
Of course, there was wine.
Too bad it wasn't Pinot Noir as I'm allergic to anything else.
The artist and photographer who is Brando's friend on the right.
Again with the observing art.
Apparently I liked the way this couple observed art : ) .

The photographer's sweet and super mellow dog is off to the right.
Love the sophisticated art show atmosphere.

Part of the warehouse the show was in. The beams in this photo are made from
reclaimed cedar from Galveston, Texas.
The texture and depth of color was absolutely stunning.

What a gorgeous place to take photos in an indoor setting.

The art show benefited a local animal rescue group.
Again with the sophisticated art show atmosphere. Love it.
One of my favorite photos of the photographer's - with one of the more gorgeous textures on a door in the background.
A better view of the gorgeous door.
The delicious appetizers included fresh grapes, strawberries, and blackberries,
brie and Swiss cheese among other cheeses,
an assortment of delicious crackers,
chocolate and strawberry as well as vanilla and pecan cupcakes,
and a candy bar.
Located in the front of the warehouse was a lighting and hardware store with their fixtures on display. This was one of their hardware displays.
This was the other photographer's work at the event. Her work was based on 17th century still lifes, and while pretty, didn't come close to the gorgeous quality of Brando's friend's work.
A gorgeous lighting detail. This one and the next few photos were taken near the front of the warehouse as I rested my worn out feetsies by sitting down.
More texture.

Lighting provided by the lighting company housed in the warehouse.
If you look closely you can see my reflection in the smallest square of the window.
Stunning and unique lighting options available by the lighting company
located in the warehouse.
A detail on the lamp next to me. Reminds me of a photo Brando took
when we toured the USS Bowfin in Hawaii.
Detail of an art piece on the coffee table.
More of the gorgeous lighting.
The best part of the night was at the end when Brando told me I was the star of the show and got more comments than the artwork. That, and all the while during the show, he kept walking up to me and saying I'm the hot, sexy girl in the corner. So cute. I didn't know anyone and while I was there with him, since he was photographing the event, I wanted to hang back and let him do his thing. Which he did very well, while I had a blast taking these photos I posted with my new to me but his old camera.

And while I didn't agree I was the star of the show I did get a lot of comments with people making a point of telling me just how much they loved fill-in-the-blank - tons of comments on my dress, one on my shoes, and one girl saying I looked just like her best friend in Michigan, so much so that when I walked in she turned to her boyfriend in shock and said that can't be her. I told her to tell her best friend she has a twin in Austin if she ever wants to move down here.

While these aren't the best photos, at least they'll give you an idea of my outfit and jewelry.
If you notice in the background - even the bathrooms were covered
with incredible and gorgeous textures.
While I felt amazing, these pictures didn't quite do how I looked and felt justice. I threw my hair in a french braid with the ends tucked under which was just gorgeous, and I wish I'd taken a photo of it. This dress was a gift from Kels and the perfect mix of winter colors, but summer style as the day was gorgeous, warm, and sunny. My shoes were adorable brown peep toe wedges, which I didn't manage to get a photo of.


Sonya said...

All I can think about after reading this post is how jealous I am that you live somewhere that you can wear that great dress at this time of the year.

*sigh* I wish winter was over.

liunda said...

Beautiful! Love the earrings :)

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - It has been fantastic weather. Although I do wish we were close enough to snow to take advantage of this fabulous snow year. Wishing you warm and sunny days soon!

Linda - Thanks, girl :) . I do, too. Got to love F21!


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