Saturday, February 05, 2011

Love, love, LOVE having fresh food in the house

Lately, I've been grocery shopping each week specifically for fruit and veggies. We don't seem to eat through the other food fast enough to shop every week. That could be because we usually make those food runs at Costco. Regardless, I have been loving the weekly fresh veggie and fruit fill ups. As soon as I get home I cut everything up and put it in glass containers so they stay as perfectly fresh as the day I bought them until we eat them all up. With the fruit, I wash everything and Brando makes his famous fruit salad. All week we have fresh veggies and fruit to nosh on that takes absolutely no effort to eat. Love that!

Today, I made the usual run and picked up some delicious looking wheat tortillas with garlic and herb, fresh Boar's head hickory smoked turkey, and cucumbers. I already had roasted red pepper and garlic herb goat cheese at home which I am in LOVE with, so I used those for the spread and layered the cucumbers and turkey over it,then wrapped it all up. Delicious and oh so healthy!


Katie ♥ said...

Your wrap looks awesome!

yes I am far from trader joes : p 45 minutes! u remembered right : )

Their dried fruit is such a good price for sure, the bag of dried fruit I just got was almost 6 bux! Crazy !

Hope your weekend is great! : ) xo

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Looks delish! I love you took photos of each step it's like a magazine layout. I am so on the same page as you but out of laziness. If I don't cut up and wash my fruits and veggies when I bring them home I won't eat them.

villagegirl said...

Yum! That looks so fresh and tasty!
I find that we usually need the weekly fruit and veg restock but not everything else. It saves shopping time too!

Ashley said...

What a great idea! I think I would actually eat some more fruit and veggies if they were already pre-cut. Lol. I think it would be such a good idea to cut them up right away so they look more yummy and ready to eat. This wrap looks fantastic and so yummy!

<3 Ash

Machines for Plastic Bottles said...

Such a great post........

alanna said...

that looks TOO yummy and so healthy!! i'm living out of a mini fridge and microwave hotel room for the next month so i completely empathize with weekly grocery store trips for all perishables!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

All of that looks so delicious!

pinksundrops said...

Katie - I hardly ever buy dried fruit for that reason! Can't wait to stock up on TJ's next time I'm there - mine is about 18 hours away ;) .

Teagan - That's so funny, Brando & Shawners said the same thing about those pictures looking like they belong in a magazine. Oh, and there's definitely the lazy factor, too! I love having them ready made when I get the munchies.

Villagegirl - It totally saves time only shopping for fruit and veggies once a week! I used to let the cupboards go empty forever because I didn't want to do the full on grocery run. Now it's so easy to just pick up fresh produce once a week!

Ashley - These wraps are totally my favorite lately. And it definitely makes me eat more fresh fruit & veggies! I kinda feel like I can say I eat my veggies & fruit daily now lol.

Plastic Bottles - Oh, spam, lol. That must've come from my soda maker post.

Alanna - Oh, wow! That's a big deal. So smart, though, making weekly trips. Here's to your next month going by quickly! So glad you commented :) !

Chelsea - Thanks, girl. It was!


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