Monday, February 13, 2012

Moments of My Week

I love seeing other people's Instagram feed posts, so I thought I'd do my own. These are from the last two weekends and this last week.

1. Being 'pinned' by my Star Scout. SO PROUD OF HIM.
2. Breakfast made by my boys and I - Shawners made blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, Justinbustin made oven-baked bacon, and I made the eggs.

3. Sunday brunch and shopping date with my man
4. Flowers from two separate occasions from my man -
the small one while we were on a date, and the gerberas just because

5. Black Forest and white chocolate raspberry macarons at La Patisserie with Mai
6. Strawberries and cupcake wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon

7. Valentine's chocolate strawberry cupcakes from Lick It Bite It or Both
8. And last but not least, puppy chow made with Shawners - he hasn't forgotten about it after Ashley gave us puppy chow in Arizona


Tanvi said...

Looks like a good eventful week! :)

♡ from ©

Pink Sun Drops said...

Thanks, Tanvi! I should've clarified it was actually spread out over *two* weeks, but close enough :) . xo


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