Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am so SICK of these spam comments!!! I just realized I have a bunch on my site that I haven't even got emails for because gmail filters some of them and sends some emails to the spam folder before I even see them. So I'm hoping I deleted them all but who knows. What is with them commenting on old posts?! Any way does anybody have any suggestions as to how to bar them on WordPress? I'd be most grateful.

On another note lots of good things have been happening! I really need to be in the mindframe to sit and write about them but they're spinning in my head. My thoughts are with all those in Texas right now and praying their lives and their homes are safe.

Update: It's 1am and I'm still up!! That's what I get for drinking iced black tea at Kianit's, at 8pm no less. My kid has a field trip tomorrow, I didn't post any sort of an update, and I'm going to be exhausted in the morning! I'm going to bed. Right after I find that paper on the field trip tomorrow.


beth said...

Steve set mine up so that no comments could go through until I've approved them. Once I've approved someone then they could comment successfully the next time. It's nice because none of that gets through to my blog. You must have that same option. Do you want me to ask him how to do it for you?

pinksundrops said...

YES! Would you please?!?! I miss that guy, he knows everything :) !

beth said...

Pink, Steve said to go under options and then discussion and there will be a check box about moderating comments from those who have never commented before. He also said there would be a box to check or a blank to fill in if there is a link in the comment, which he said you should check off and then you can fill in links that are spam and if you click on the link, wordpress will take you to a page of known spammers and you can copy them and put them there. hope that makes sense, I didn't go try it out myself, so... Let me know if you need to ask him anything else!!


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