Monday, December 19, 2005

Comfort Space

Right now I'm in an extreme comfort space. Curled up on my bed with my chenille light pink socks on and a cup of coffee in my lap, leisurely doing school work and fun Christmas art projects with the boys. Toast with melted butter and strawberry and apricot jam. Feeling like there is nothing in the world to do but to enjoy being with myself and my boys and just be.

My sister and her three boys came over yesterday and power decluttered my house with me. I had made a list the day before of all the things I wanted to get done for hubby and I, and then begged her to come over after church to help us, or at least keep me company so I'd actually get it done. Thing is I didn't have to do much begging. Her guys entertained my guys and even tidied up their room a bit, and she, Hubby, and I powered through the list. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, not off my shoulders but off my house and it is so enlightening. Enlightening in that I have time to do the things I really want to do without tripping over things and feeling the guilt of not getting that taken care of.

Sure I still have a ton of laundry, the boys and I still need to do schoolwork, and my closet needs a little adjusting, but I can take my time and enjoy those things. And then pack to head to my Grandma's in Arizona for Christmas, or even pack in between, but for the moment my cup of coffee, my chenille fuzzy slippers and I are sitting and enjoying a quiet, sweet moment alone.


Laura said...

How sweet of your sister to come over and help you de-clutter. It's such a great feeling to get organized . . even if it's only temporarily (I'm lucky if my organization lasts 3 days.)

Hannah said...

Slippers and coffee-- now that's relaxing! Enjoy your day. :-)

mommyd said...

mmmmm nice post. Very relaxing. Enjoy it while it lasts! Happy Holidays friend!

Cecilia said...

Srawberry jam. Apricot jam. I swear, you gave me the goosebumps. They are my favorite jams in the whole wide world!

And ah..finally, I hear you are taking that breath-filled space where the focal point is YOU...feeling and hearing that breath slowing down to a peaceful pace...I love that you love having that time, soaking in it, and basking in the precious moments with your kids, too.

Season's greetings, my dear lovely friend!


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