Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Sun is Dropping Pink

My Intro: Today I decided as depressed and bored as heck as I am that I'd so some web surfing as I usually do when I'm depressed and bored. Only this time I happened upon blogs, namely Rude Cactus's (Cacti?) blog. From there my search into blogs deepened, and you know what aside from wondering if these people have ANY life they look incredibly interesting. Especially from those who actually know how to make REALLY COOL web blog pages. Not here. So I do have a life but right now I don't feel like it. Wait this was supposed to be an intro.


Rude Cactus said...

Great blog and nice start! I hope you find and meet as many wonderful and interesting people as I have. Its been a truly wonderful experience.

Rude Cactus said...

PS - you didn't leave an email address when you wrote. So here's what I originally was going to reply to you with...

Hey there and thank you very much for stopping by and the kind words!
I'm glad you commented!!

The headlamp? Well, if you look at the picture with the dog, you'll
notice my father in law wearing it. The dog has some ear problem and
its hard for him to see in the ear and hold the dog down at the same
time. Hence...the headlamp!

Like I said, thanks for stopping by. It means a lot and I hope you'll
come by often!

Marn said...

Just checking our your new blog from the showcase. I see that you have another blog. Why this one? What is going to be different in this one, as compared to the other? I do like the name of this blog!


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