Monday, November 06, 2006


I've just completed doing J's lesson plan, doing Language Arts review and tests, reading and spelling words, Math textbook, workbook, manipulatives, and Intensive Practice with J, ordering protective book covers for his primary phonics books, and making lunch. The things still on my list are get dressed, take a shower, plan Thanksgiving dinner, and make contacts for the Go Fish curriculum, the house and laundry. Please tell me a sane person could not get all that done. Oh I forgot I need to do science and history with Justin too but that I pretty much know I won't get to so I've written those off for today. At least we spent 3 hours at a Fossil Fest this weekend, that counts for science.


Courtney said...

You know, I've always wondered... HOW ON EARTH DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO TEACH YOUR KIDS WHEN YOU HOME SCHOOL!?! I am always always so blown away with the wonderful things I read about you teaching to your children. How do you know what to teach??? Language Arts, reading, various math lessons, phonics, history, science... WOW! Are there pamphlets that tell you what your kid should be be learning at certain ages? Where do you get books? Do you assign homework? Do you help with the homework? Are there tests? How do you keep it all straight? AND then on top of all that - how on earth do you clean and do laundry too??? You should hire a maid!

But seriously, lady, I don't know how you find time for everything?! Somehow you do it. And I am forever finding myself in awe of your amazing capability. What is your secret?

(Oh and Fossil Fest - I love it!!) :)

my life is brilliant said...

So I was reading on your list of all the things you've already done for today. In fact, I skimmed it because it was a lot to read when I should, in all honesty, be working. And then I got to your to-do list: "get dressed."

You do a lot of things before you get dressed in the morning.

My pre-getting-dressed routine: Crawl out of bed. Turn off phone alarm. Open bedroom door, try not to trip over cat. Turn on TV. Wash face. Apply makeup. Fix hair. Get dressed.

Ugh. I feel so ... unproductive.


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