Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Flippin' UNmotivated

People, Shawners has FIVE more days of school left. FIVE. And I am sitting on my ARSE avoiding every moment doing school with him that I can. Our afternoon is going to be filled up with school, only because I am wayyyy more an afternoon person. That is, when I don't eat breakfast, and long story short, I've forgotten to eat breakfast for the last two months!! I think I stopped when I started feeling like I was gaining too much weight. Ugh.

One productive thing I did today was go to his meet the teachers at Justinb's school, where Shawners will be next year. Wow, the variation in teachers threw me for a loop! All the way from fresh out of college and clueless, young but knew what she was doing, to been there way too long and shows it, to been there way too long and knows exactly what to do. The latter seems the best option for me, just because sometimes I feel like I have no clue what I am doing and need someone who really does to guide not only my kid, but me, along. Shawners and I ended up liking the same teachers. So now I put the names down for my "unsuggestion" and cross my fingers. I missed the meet the teachers for Justinb on Monday because of work, but I'm hoping his current teacher will know where to send him. Plus, Jen, his sub, already gave me a clue as to who is good. And she was spot on with Shawner's teachers.

Other than that productivity, I've spent way too much time on the phone, half hazardly picked up the house and it still looks like a wreck, and had Shawners working on his room for the last hour (yes, it's that bad. That and he's a sweet little organizer, so he's decluttering and organizing at the same time).

Off to be productive!



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