Friday, August 19, 2005


We just wrapped up a beautiful lounging day at the house. Justin and I did school this morning and then fulfilled his two week request of playing Monopoly - the junior version by Mommy's request. He was so excited he could actually read the values of the properties!

In the afternoon we had the house to ourselves and we pulled out the pool and filled it up - half hose water, half Mommy dragging a pitcher of hot water from the bathroom to the pool. Half an hour later Mommy was in a chair in her shorts and bikini with her latest edition of InStyle - I love that it doesn't have all the sex tips and hints and stuff that other magazines have. So very lovely, and the boys were in the pool, playing pirates, jet boats, and all other sorts of imaginable things.

Hubby got home early and started right away on our amazing steak dinner. BBQ Marinated Tri Tip baked in Balsamic (sounds weird I know but it was out of this world), Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce Alla Siciliana with Jalapenos, Gala Apple and Pluot with Baby Greens, yum! My little nephew who is staying the night with us, and Big Guy as well, had four helpings of each. Not a trace was left.

After dinner we made a trip to Capitola for the tied for best ice cream, Polar Bear, and spoiled the kids with their own Jr. Scoop which was essentially a double scoop. Where Have You Bean All My Life? aka coffee ice cream with flecks of coffee beans, and Chocolate Chip for me.

Now, just having tucked the kids in bed, Hubby and I are tucking ourselves in bed for a what I'm sure is a very silly movie, Man of the House.

PS There's a preview on it for Hitch, which has to be the very best comedy of all time. The line I just heard that still has me laughing? "That's not dancing. That's a cry for help."


Rachael said...

Capitola is so beautiful this time of year. Sigh.

I have a bad habit of actually tracking down things I read about in In-Style and buying them. As a matter of fact, I found my hair stylist(oh wow, six years ago) because his boss did a the hair in a spread in there and I booked an appointment at the salon based on that. How funny is that? I love that mag!

I hope you will still be making ravioli for the Really Big Cook-Off too! (Nudge, hint, wink)



pinksundrops said...

Rachael -

Talk about funny, I just went through and underlined the price and how to get every item I liked in there, whether I could afford it or not, though most were on the affordable side (another reason I love that magazine).

I love finding references out of magazines (or movies!) as well, they're usually the best since they're well known in well to do circles.

What a great idea to find a good hairstylist, I have yet to find one for when we move back to Texas, so I'll be keeping my eye out.

Barneys Girl said...

LOL, absolutely LOVED Hitch. It is too funny.

girl from florida said...

I like In Style for that same reason! I feel like the sex tips/hints they give in all the other magazines are SO cheesy and overdone. Like Nibble on his nipples? C'MON!

It sounds like a wonderful afternoon. And your dinner sounds DELISH! Mmmm! Your hubby is quite the gourmet chef!

Adrianne said...

Oh fun it all sounded! Yes, I like InStyle, too (what a shocker!) Did you read the one with Jennifer Gardner on the cover? I haven't read that one yet...
Hitch almost made me pee I laughed so hard...loved it!


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