Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Memories of My Semester

Hello long lost friends!! I did it! I survived my first full-time semester as a Mom, wife, friend, and human being. There were a few times I didn't think I was going to make it through, but then I would text a friend and they would offer their house, a beer, and a quiet place, or a word of encouragement telling me I could do it, and they believed in me, and I would truck on.

Before I took my finals I finished with an A in all four classes!! Whoohoo. For sure two have stuck - in history and english, and I'll wait to see what I get in math and psych, but I'm happy. I set out to be happy with a few B's if I got them. When that became a possible prospect I started to lose face under the reality. That led to really growing to accept it, even up to only studying an hour for my history final and still making an A on it (talk about a confidence booster ;) !!

Any way, I had a fabulous first semester, and even though I broke the last week thinking I NEVER wanted to go through this again, I actually couldn't imagine not having such an amazing opportunity to learn and meet new friends with similar lifelong goals taking the steps we all have to take to get there.

Tada! Some of my favorite memories of my semester:

Celebrating awesome exam scores with hi fives with Arisa

Late night study sessions with KT

Having someone to understand the panic attacks and anxiety with Katey

Hanging out with Marlie, Christian, Laurin, and Ambir in English

Finding a true friend in Marlie (and Katey!!)

Shocking myself with an A in history from a 58 out of 60 on the final!

People who believe in me - KT, Li, Mai, all of you, (others I'm forgetting) and all my girls from school.


L said...

Wow, I'm really proud of you! Gosh, school by itself is hard enough, but being a wife and mother on top of it is a huge challenge, but you made it through! And with good grades too! I was just hoping you'd post an update.

girl from florida said...

YAY PSD! I am soooo proud of you!! Especially looking at it from the other side (as a professor). Your accomplishments this semester are amazing and you deserve a great big huge pat on the back. You've managed to balance it ALL so well! I so wish I had more students like you in my classes. I love this post, because I am SO burnt out from my demanding/ungrateful students this semester, I tend to forget that there truly are those who come to better themselves and really enjoy the experience. Yay!!!!!!!!

Congrats!! :)

Kiley said...

so stinkin' proud of you!


cannot WAIT for the xmas party! it's gonna be so fun!

Anonymous said...

i KNEW you could do it! i would never have been able to do it with the busy life you lead!

pinksundrops said...

L, Thanks : ) .

GFF, That reminds me of having to tell my psych professor I promised myself I wouldn't take anything else on when she asked me to tutor the students who needed help. She understandingly replied her husband had reminded her that we are all crazy busy too! Honestly, the demanding students grate on everyone I imagine - even your other students. It's nice to sit in front and not notice all the other students who aren't respecting the fact that they are paying for this experience to come LEARN not just pass a test while they sit in the back of the class and text.

Kiley - I'm so proud of YOU!! One more semester, baby!

Mai - : ) : ) : ) Your text at the end made such a difference to me that last week!!


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