Thursday, March 20, 2008

Never Drink Spoiled Milk

Hi there... this is somechick, guest blogging! This is my first time, so be nice. Today we have a lesson in milk. And drinking it... spoiled.

I log onto MySpace today to see an update in "status" from my older sister. It says "[Sister] thinks she drank spoiled milk... I'm home sick!" Cutest thing if you can hear her saying it. So I send her a comment saying:

Spoiled milk!? EWE!!!!! :P I will not TOUCH the carton if it's near the date. Even if it's a sell buy... you don't mess with milk.

[Sister] replies:

Ugh, I know. And I'm one of those that thinks I'm never gonna get sick from bad food. And I'll even drink after the expiration (that 7days or whatever) if it smells good. [BF] worries about everything being bad. So the story is: We bought it like on Sunday or something. Unpacked all the groceries except for the milk!! Left it in the car overnight until I remembered it Monday morning and called [BF] to see if he could check the trunk. He found it and said it still felt cold so I said let's put it in the fridge and see how it smells later. (It makes it back to the fridge around noon.) So i smelt it later and it smelled pretty good so decided to keep it. Then yesterday morning I smelt it before I took it to work with me for my cereal and it had like a small funk smell, but not bad enough to scare me (that was my big mistake). So yeah, and of course I drank it with cereal so I couldn't taste if it was bad. Then my stomach was rumbling. I made it through work, but last night was miserable and today I am just recovering. :( I will take your advice from now on.

M is the same way, brave (aka, stupid) and drinks the milk based on said "sniff test" without hesitation. If the milk sat out too long after cereal I will by a new carton! Am I crazy?


L said...

ohmygoodness, I would never keep milk that sat out all night! If my milk smells even a little off, there is no way I will keep it. For the past year, I've been drinking organic milk, because the carton is not transparent so it lasts so much longer and has a much later exp. date.

pinksundrops said...

Oh how funny to see a comment in my email to a post I didn't even realize was here! Oh and ew! Men are so funny about how they think things are "fine". Once Brando put frozen chicken potstickers back in the freezer after they had sat in the trunk of the car all night. He only told me after I made them (and ate them) and kept complaining they were all stuck together because he said "I wouldn't have eaten them otherwise". Well duh!! Pretty sure your sister won't next time either!

Stace said...

I don't drink milk that often but if it says a couple of days past I'll taste a little first, after that I'm done. Poor sister.

somechick84 said...

My boyfriend does that to me ALL the time. I'll finish eating and he smiles. I say what? And he'll explain to me how what I just ate was past the expiration but I lived anyways!

The sister is much better today!

Andrea said...

Ew. I do not trust milk. In college, my mini-fridge was always either too cold (frozen milk) or too hot (spoiled milk.) But the milk always smelled normal. Once upon a time, I made my friend do a taste-test and he declared that he wanted to "rip his tongue out and set it on fire." NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


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