Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hi. I thought I'd write about STRESS.
Right now I'm learning about being a new mom and new places away from
friends and family at the same time.  There are days when the stress gets
to me and I feel as if I might not be able to keep it up.

My grandma gave me some sage advice when I was in college.  She advised
that, when working with people or having another kind of job that doesn't
have completion, have something to look at and say, I did that and it's
finished.  It can be reading a book about something one wants to learn,
cleaning out a closet,  writing a story, making a piece of jewelry, giving
a party... Whatever it is, we need something tangible we can finish
because people things and some jobs are never completed.  So, finding
myself a bit stressed, I've taken up her advice again.  I've dug out a
how-to-draw book and my pencils and even if it's just a few minutes here
and there, I'm working on my skills and I can walk by and say - I drew
that walnut!  Not only am I feeling less stressed, when I'm with my baby I
am more aware, more present and able to enjoy that moment.

What great advice have you been given about stress?  How do you implement

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Stace said...

I have to work out on a daily basis, if I don't, I go insane. Not really but I feel stress building up and I don't handle it well. If it's something that I need to accomplish I'll probably work on it until it's completed such as a work assignment or school project.

Jenn said...

Just breathe.

Probably some of the best advice relating to stress.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I really like stress. I can't work without it. I'm one of those people that does better under stress. It's weird and sometimes a little too annoying.

Anonymous said...

take some deep breaths, realize it's just a moment of stress and let go.


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