Friday, February 20, 2009

Ever feel like you can't help enough?

With no time and even less money, sometimes I feel like I can't help the way I would really, really love to with events and special occasions. So when Genie asked me to go with her to help pick out shoes for her wedding I was all over it. We hit up Steve Madden, Aldos, Nordstrom, Dillards, and Macy's in that order and finally found what she wanted at Macy's. Figures. I love Macy's. Anything cute I own is from there. My pat answer to, "Where'd you get that?" is "Macy's in Californ*a." Afterwards, we met up with Brando who'd already driven half an hour home, then had to drive half an hour back to pick up the keys from me, and drive home again. Hey, I was carless and didn't deserve the earful I got so pretty much didn't care by the time he got there and I handed over the house keys. Anywho, Chuy's and two margaritas later, I was a happy camper : ) . I always feel completely comfortable in where I'm at in life with Genie and Ry around.



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