Tuesday, March 04, 2008

dear b,

Would you like to guest blog on here? I miss you and hearing about your life. I'd love to hear about it on here for me to have always. Even just your thoughts on something, anything. I still have your cards you wrote for me like you did for the girls in college. I look at them and feel your encouragement and your heart often. Oh, and I love the name of your street : ) . I think about you and I hope baby a is doing well, and you and s! 

*B and her hubby were our welcome team when we first came to our church. Her hubby contacted us after we attended our church for the first time and filled out a guest card. I had no idea a welcome team was even in place, I was just desperate for a heart for my sinking spirit. They called and asked if they could help us with getting plugged in. Her hubby called the leaders of every single Sunday school for me and found the perfect one for us (the young marrieds group we are still in). I was desperate for a community and ended up meeting with b several times about where I could get plugged in. Turns out we were both desperate for a kindred spirit, and though we've seen each other few and far between as she lived on the opposite side of town until recently and is now a travelling woman, we're kindred spirits for life. She's one of those friends that are rare to find.*

*Also I would heart for anybody else who would want to guest blog to do so. I thought of b because of how much I would love to hear from her! But if you've never done it and you'd like to give it a try, shoot me an email sundrops at gmail dot com, or if you've done it before and are an expert, by all means I'd love to have you here*


Stace said...

Yeah as for that . . .I've got nothing. I suck at writing anything with depth. GOOD LUCK though. :)

somechick84 said...

What? Where are you going? I'm back... I disappeared, you may not have noticed, but I have a new blog! I'd be happy to help guest blog (never done it), if you need it.

The Ex said...

I'd guestblog! But you have to give me a topic. :P

Pink Sun Drops said...

Stace, fluff is fun too : ) .

Somechick, actually I was thinking of doing it just for fun. Now that you said that though I realize I AM going to be gone next week. So bring it on!

Ex, I'll think of one.

Soooo I guess this means I'm going to have a guest blogger on here. Hmm, now I have to figure out how to do it, lol. Does that mean I give you my password and username or do you just email your post to me and then I post it (doesn't make sense when I'm on vacay tho)? Feel free to let me know if you've done this before! *off to research*

pinksundrops said...

I believe I just figured it out. I add you as an author! Ta-dah.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet surprise to get on today and see your post! My internet opportunities have been inconsistent and email even more sporadic. I have been thinking about you soooo much the last week and was planning to write you, even if by snail mail, something!, just b/c I wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

I would be honored to guest blog. I also thought you might like to know that some blog sites let you "auto post" - put something up when your not there that you wrote ahead of time.
You probably already knew that. :)



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