Thursday, July 10, 2008

Headache or Exploding Head - You Pick

Why is it that taking care of oneself in a quality manner is SO much trouble and costs SO darn much?! It goes from having a high a*s premium to being charged a high a*s amount AT the doctor's or dentist's office. Grrr.

Then if because I'm a spouse and am trying to access information about the benefits, it's always "We have to talk to the policy holder." Granted that's not ALWAYS the case, but with this new web access they have everywhere one has to have the many usernames and passwords (which I haven't written down the many times Brando's told me because I'll remember it, I always think). When I DO have the username and password and call tech help because their website isn't working they can't help me out because (say it with me) I'm not the policyholder. 

Somehow any office I visit has free and complete access to all of my benefits. They can tell exactly what I will be charged. Do I have that same access? Nope. So when I got fined a hefty $83 for two dentist appointments when we have dentist coverage it comes as a complete shock, not only to me but to the budget. Granted it was a nice dentist office - nice facilities, nice staff, nice dentist and I'm paying for it.

I'm attempting to write down a sheet I'm going to have to put in a lockbox somewhere of all our passwords, usernames, 800 numbers, policies, accounts, credit cards, loans, to put it all in ONE DARN PLACE so hopefully I'll avoid this frustration in the future.


Stace said...

I deal with myself and it's still complicated. I've got exactly what you said you need. My usernames and all that are written down and I keep any literature from my credit card company in an organized box. Call me OCD or whatever but it seems to work. :) I say it's a headache, no exploding heads, I like yours just how it is.

my life is brilliant said...

Eek. That sucks. Right before K left for Iraq, he presented me with this big file box of all his financial paperwork. He wrote every single password, account number and who knows what else on a piece of paper for me. I felt overwhelmed. Thank goodness (and knock on wood), I really haven't had to try to figure out too much about what's in there.

It'll be good to know that you'll have access to all that stuff when you need it. It's crazy how complicated so much of that stuff is!

h*dizzle said...

i feel the same way about passwords i have a dozen of them and i cant remember which one is which! im too scared to write them down though because im afraid ill lose them! a lockbox is a good idea:)

Stacey said...

Insurance is so confusing to me, too. Last year when I had to have a whole load of lab work done and an ultrasound, I was shocked that they were free - because a co-worker had to pay for a mere physical. It really didn't make sense. I have all my passwords organized with my paperwork and kept in a safe place. It makes my life a little more simple that way! :)


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