Friday, July 04, 2008

This One's for the Blog

I may've taken the picture partially for the blog (mostly for us), but we had such an AWESOME time. H*Dizzle from Minnesota is visiting her home town here in Austin this week and her home happens to be super close to mine. Whoohoo! We met up at Trudy's for raspberry and strawberry margaritas, migas, and tortilla soup, then we hit up my pool for three solid hours of a perfect view of a nearby fireworks show, floating, and non stop conversation. The weather was perfect and the water was not too cold. Strangely, when we got there at nine thirty nobody else was there. By midnight four different groups of people had shown up and one had just started firing up a grill! You know we started the party ; ) . 

I completely forgot to mention that on the way to the pool we walked on the grass to avoid the sprinklers soaking the sidewalk and the grass on the other side of the sidewalk. As we were walking on the non-sprinkled grass the sprinklers on our side came on and with short eeeks!, our tubes and beer in hand, we were off running through the sprinklers like a scene out of a movie, laughing the whole way. At least we were in our bathing suits! We didn't stop cracking up at ourselves for the next five minutes.

At Trudy's - good memories

After the pool

PS Happy Fourth!!


Stace said...

so cute!

s said...

sounds like fun!

p.s. your skin and hair look fabulous!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Pretty ladies! You are too freakin' cute!

h*dizzle said...

yayyy it was soo fun! next time ill use my camera more (i need to do so lamne!) cant wait until im back a month from now..we should grill midnight!

h*dizzle said...

girl..we TOTALLY started the parttyyyyyy!!!! i still want to know if that south dakota guy was cute..youll have to keep an eye out for me!!!

ps i made it back to the mpls..saddd!!!

h*dizzle said...

hahaha i forgot about the sprinklers..i was laughing at myself for the rest of the night after that :))

Ashley said...

OOOOOHHHH I'm SO sorry I missed all the fun!! When is our next outing going to be?!?!


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