Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Gosh it's been freezing lately! Yesterday it barely hit 36F and today it's 50F but it still feels freezing because of the humidity hanging in the air. Did I mention it SNOWed last week? And stuck around in the eaves of our building until 2:30pm? Totally hot chocolate and curled up on the couch with a book evenings.


L said...

I can't believe it! In Austin? Now can you believe this?: I'm going to Nebraska where there are inches of snow on the ground and below zero wind chills!

Anonymous said...

Here in MN we are no strangers to snow. 6inches? sure! no problem. Just yesterday it was -32 degree windchills (serious Brr) and today I walked outside to 8 degrees (above zero!) and was immediately like- wow! It's warm today! lol.

But I've been in Texas (right?) when it's been cooler and it's def a different experience even being from MN!

Bundle up and enjoy some hot choc! :)


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