Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blue Dahlia Bistro

Another one of my favorite jaunts last week was the Blue Dahlia bistro. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so you will have to suffer the poor quality of my iPhone pictures. I did get a few decent pictures, including this one of which perfectly captures my ideal picture of how such a place should look - with the styled sign, and the bike leaning up against the greenery. Totally made my heart smile.

When Mai got into town the week before on Friday and we made our trip to the Snack Bar, she also took me on a tour of Austin's very unique and quaint east side. I was shocked to find that as much as I thought Austin reminded me of my hometown, Santa Cruz, California, the east side actually resembles Santa Cruz with it's cute little shops, cafes, houses full of character, and walkable streets. I am SO excited to discover it and can't wait to check it out more.

The minute us girls had a chance to check out even one of their cafes I jumped on it. Mai, Kiley, and I headed to Blue Dahlia bistro to celebrate finals FINALLY being OVER for Kiley and I, and to celebrate Mai being back in town for a good amount of time!

When Mai and I had driven by earlier in the week I was so delighted to see their unassuming little storefront, and the people inside sitting at cozy wooden tables enjoying their meal.

I was equally delighted when I walked in and saw that my vision of the place matched my expectations. The cozy wooden tables sat two, three, four, or many more. We sat and enjoyed one cozy end of a family style table.

This sweet little elementary school class came in and caroled their entire song book to us. I happened to take a picture, not realizing it actually did do the interior justice. Not realizing this and without my camera with me I didn't get a picture of the small outside area in the back, but suffice it to say I will be back to show you the whole experience. And hopefully you'll have a chance to make it there yourself!

The atmosphere itself sold me, but I was still apprehensive that their food would back it up. I had checked out their menu online and was so excited for my favorite, Belgian Waffles, and with fresh berries!! No frozen strawberries or otherwise concocted creation here.

It was as delicious as it looked. And for $4.95 a complete steal for both Kiley and I. My Cafe Au Lait which I absolutely adore at places that don't ask me how much milk or coffee I want in it. Just make it perfect tasting, darn it.

And it was exactly that. Perfect, hot, and comforting.

Mai ordered the blueberry blintzes which looked heavenly. Cheese creations are a little much for me, especially for a meal, but I was glad she ordered it so I could try it. The perfect creaminess of the ricotta, mixed with the sweetness of the blueberry, and the mild flavor of the crepe was a heavenly combination.

I will definitely be ordering it as one of my mainstays when I go back.

I have been dying to find "THAT" breakfast place in Austin and this. is. it. I can not WAIT to go back and try all of their menu items. True, they don't have the traditional omelette, eggs, and bacon items, but what they do have they do well. They did have a frittata on the specials menu, which will definitely be my next menu choice sans unavailability, and you will certainly hear about along with the rest of their atmosphere.


linda said...

Hi Blog Twin!
I JUST discovered this place Thanksgiving weekend. I cannot wait to go back as well! The blueberry blintzes look DELECTABLE.

I had my hair did this morning so no time for breakfast or lunch and my stomach is rumbling now.


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