Monday, February 08, 2010

Sun Drop... Soda?!

Oh my word! I have a soda! Look!

I even have a t-shirt. I think I NEED this t-shirt, along with the Cherry Lemon Soda because of course it's pink. Ish.
Or even this t-shirt.

I even have recipes like Sundrop Pear Pie, Bubbly Sundrop Punch, Sun-Drop Cake, and my favorite the SunBeam. Hilarious. I'm not sure what these recipes say about the health status of the people who drink Sundrop soda, but I have yet to try it so who am I to say.

*Disclaimer: Okay, this really isn't my soda, and oh how I wish they had sent me product. Instead, I overheard of their soda at HOPE Farmer's Market today when a guy mentioned it in passing. How ironic, and of course I had to research the soda the first available moment I had. You can read more about Sundrop soda here as they are formerly owned by Cadbury Schweppes, now owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple.

Updated to add: Since I wrote this post, Sun Drop Soda has made a come back and apparently has it's own very funny commercial with the song "Drop It Like It's Hot". A ton of people have been searching for the Sun Drop shirt. So to be helpful, here is a link to a shirt similar to the girls' shirt in the new commercial here, and another vintage looking shirt here. Unfortunately, the shirts I posted above are no longer available on the site.


Camels & Chocolate said...

Wait--you never knew this before? Also, did you know Sun-Drop comes from my HOMETOWN, Tullahoma, and that everyone drinks it like water there? In fact, our favorite party drink is Dickel & Drop, which is also made from a local whiskey, George Dickel. You can come home with me and visit your plant, ha! I'm sure they'll give us a tour =) Also, cherry Sun-Drop (which is indeed pink) is THE BEST.

Mrs. Architect said...

CUTE!!! I love it!!!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

This is awesome! I see a stocking stuffer for next Christmas...

I BLEED PINK said...

Hey -

Thanks for stopping by. I want to plan something fun for the meet-up,that won't be too akward since we really don't know each other yet.

I will keep you updated and if you need help with another one let me know!!

Also, I have never heard of Sun Drop, but back home we have Squirt which is the best soda EVER!!!

Pink Sun Drops said...

C&C - I had NO idea!! I actually got my blog name from the Sound of Music song and changed it to keep my real name anonymous. I still love it, and now I love that I have a soda.

Goldilocks - Thanks : ) .

Chelsea - Oooh, good idea! I love it. I shall have to mention it to Brando.

Pink - Can't wait to meet you! I've heard of Squirt as well. I definitely could use your help and expertise so feel free to suggest any ideas you have!

Ashley Taylor said...

my e-mail is how do i buy a sun drop t-shirt and how much do they cost please do not use this e-mail for soliciting thank you


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