Monday, February 01, 2010

St. Edward's Park

The other day the boys and I had an hour to kill before their art class. We drove around a bit with lots of u-turns, looking for places to hike. Finally I utilized my handy dandy Yelp iPhone application which, to my delight, I discovered allowed me to select nearby activities, then hiking under active life. St. Edward's Park on Spicewood Springs Road
off of 360 popped up as one of the closest choices. After a brief skim of the reviews to make sure it'd be worth the few minutes we had left at that point, off we set. Imagine my shock and surprise when we got to the park, parked, and then in less than ten minutes
were at the site of a gorgeous 25 ft. wide waterfall.
I was in awe, and the boys were in boy heaven.

We only had a few minutes to explore, so the following weekend Brando, the boys, and I went back to explore some more. We looked at the map and started off knowing where we were headed, but we neglected to take a picture of the map. So we ended up going in the opposite direction. Didn't matter much, since the hike makes a circle around the creek. The way we went took us by the 25 ft wide waterfall,
back up to Spicewood Springs Road to cross the creek,
up a 300 foot incline,
above the gorgeous waterfall,
with views of the hills stretching farther than we could see, past a natural spring,
then back across the creek - this time on rocks and trees.
Then, we circled back on a path close to the creek
where we were able to see the water from the spring we had seen earlier flowing into the creek. Gorgeous.
Our overall hike ended up being about two miles, according to what I could find out about the length of the trails.
I'm so excited to have found this park so CLOSE into town and can't wait to go back!


zenisin said...

How fun! That is just the best when you find a little hide-a-way! Good for you!!!!! Looks really pretty and now you have a new found fun thing to do......Cheers! Maegan said...

thank you so much for the link to the "12 blogger chicks ...maxim, etc" ...lololol! So hilariously awesome!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Well, how adorable and outdoorsy are you two? I love this! I've said it before and I'll say it again - that is a handsome couple staring back at me on my computer screen. :)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I love this park, I'm so glad your family got to enjoy it as well. And congrats on being unanonymous :) Hope you have a lovely day!

pinksundrops said...

Zen - I'm so excited about discovering hiking. We've discovered two new places, and have gone three times already!

Maegan - Isn't it though?

Tolly - Getting there any way. I love it! And, aw, thanks.

Chelsea - I'm so glad you noticed. And yay for discovering this park already. Such a hidden gem.


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