Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Back Update

*random photos added of outfits I've been having fun coming up with and taking pictures of mostly because that's in my realm of activities right now and, also, to make the reading more bearable : ) *

See the first update here.

Sent March 1, 2011

To My Bloggirls,

Turns out a ten year old mattress may have irritated or even began the issue, and a stuck rib complicated matters. Who knew you need to replace your mattress after ten years, especially after it sags like a hammock on each side which is apparently very, very horrible support for your back? Except for mattress firm who tries to gross us out with the fact. Thanks to my sister in Cali for spending time on the phone with me in tears and relating her and her husband's experience with a bad mattress and bad backs for helping me figure it out. We had already ordered a new mattress that we got in on Saturday as I realized how uncomfortable I was after the back problem started, but after talking to her we started sleeping sideways on our old mattress which got me back to functioning, at least. The days have been better with the new mattress, but the nights are still miserable without Advil.
To lounge around the house and soon to wear poolside, my favorite recent find
As far as the stuck rib, after my initial massage I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back close to where I had an injury two years ago. My masseuse mentioned it might be a stuck rib and said it was easy to undo with running the palm of her hands up my back. Which she did so, and there was an immediate pop and release of the pain. Brando has done it a few times since then. This morning he told me it took such light pressure to do and told me how to do it myself this morning on the door jam. So strange! While I'm a little disconcerted that it keeps getting stuck, I am relieved that at least there's a way to put it back. I will ask her how to keep it from getting stuck when I see her for my next massage.
What I *wanted* to wear when going to watch the sunset with one of my very favorite girlfriends this weekend, Mere, and her hubby at Oasis, then out to eat at NXNW.
I have also been doing physical therapy exercises from a booklet the doctor handed me at my first doctor appointment for this issue, and hopefully that is helping to strengthen my back. If it continues, I have a referral to a specialist that I will make an appointment for.
It was one of my Valentine's present from Brando (edited to add: present, yes, but from a shopping spree that I went to town on and chose :) .... except for the nighttime items and necklace that is) ! It was a little too fancy though. I ended up wearing this, instead.
Regarding going out - here's the thing. I still have a LOT of trouble sitting, as in I watched the Oscar's, but was up and moving around during every commercial break to keep the pain at bay. Walking helps a LOT which is why you see lots of mild hiking photos from us recently. It helps that Brandon drives me there and home. When I sit at the computer I make sure to do my exercises to keep my posture correct and take lots of breaks. Otherwise, I've been saving my drive time and energy for having to drive the boys around as is necessary and run errands for food and household items. So, if you want to get out and enjoy the flat ground of nature for a short time and pick me up on top of that, give me a ring. Otherwise, I'll probably stay in my little cocoon where I at least know which chair I'm comfortable in and can get up and move around when needed :) .
The grey sash with metal chains was another Valentine's present from Brando that I absolutely adore
Also, I'm sorry I haven't been more communicative - I've been dealing with a lot of stress from people passing away in my friend's lives - so many that are close to me has had somebody close to them pass on in the past month. Mostly, my childhood best friend's brother who was so very young at forty-three passed away and I have been in such shock, on top of which I haven't wanted to share it with anyone because they are going through their own stressors. I'm having a hard time just telling you now, so please don't talk to me about it. I'm having a really hard time accepting that the one family member in her life who loved her unconditionally is no longer with us, and I'm hoping that it brings the rest of her family close together but it makes me fall apart just thinking about it. I've noticed my back instantly takes on the stress and so I have been literally avoiding talking to people about those things and even avoiding thinking about them to save taking on the stress. I will get to see my best friend in March and hopefully will be able to just cry for her and be there for her then and get it all out of my system.

My kick ass shoes that I bought with a three year old birthday gift card. Have I mentioned how horrible I am at spending gift cards?! I sure get fantastic finds when I finally do spend them, though.
Edited to add: In the meantime I've been having fun buying concert tickets, and using my new to me but Brando's old camera on our flat ground hikes, and evenings out with Brando. Can't wait to post even more of the photos!


Sonya said...

I have a rib that meanders out of place from time to time so I sort of understand. (Who knew that ribs could be such pesky things?) I hope you're feeling 100% soon!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Thinking about you! Lots of good positive thougths your way. It isn't uncommon for stress to show up physically. Hang in there and take good care of yourself.

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I think I'm commenting under the wrong post now but I love your outfits! You have fabulous style. Kuddos to your hubby for the black and white dress (love) and shrug/wrap. But those shoes!!!! So cute. Keep up the styling outfits...I love to see your fashionista pics!

linda said...

Sounds so awful! Hope you continue to make progress and am loving your dresses! I should try to channel you when I dress myself.

L said...

Rose - I am so so sorry to hear about the pain you are in! I hope this new bed alleviates your pain, and you can begin living a normal lifestyle again. xoxo

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - How strange you have the same thing! I'm hoping that's mostly the cause of my problems and can be fixed for the long run.

Teagan - Thanks, girl. I'm realizing stress does show up physically. I don't cry as much as I used to, and I think my body is taking it on instead lol! And, no, you didn't comment on the wrong post. I combined the two to make this one less tedious to read :) .

Linda - It's certainly no fun. Thanks for the well wishes. And, yes, channel me - we can go shopping together :) !

L - Thanks, girl. It's been helping, but I am still waking up with weird pains in different places each day. I see a sports rehab and back specialist tomorrow. Yes, definitely, here's to living a normal lifestyle again soon!


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