Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear weekend, why did you have to be so conducive to having a perfectly unplanned schedule, yet everything was already completely planned?

strawberry chocolate cupcake from an actual unplanned weekend

Dear self, did you really have to go and injure yourself in the first five minutes of a sport again? Really?  Your tricep really could've gone without being pulled, and your knee cap would have been just fine without being bruised on the way down the rock climbing wall. Next time, wait for the easy wall. Seriously.

Dear boys, I'm glad you're better, Justinbustin, after staying home from school sick on Friday, then, going on a ten mile bike ride with Dad on Saturday. Shawners, I'm sad you're home sick from school. Crossing my fingers you feel better today!

Dear Brando, I really, really, really wanted to go on that ten mile bike ride with you Saturday. Perhaps my super strengthened legs would've saved me from injury on Sunday. But I'm glad you went.

Dear robotics team, I don't appreciate being injured at your celebration of the end of the season party yesterday I semi-planned but did a half-a*s job of because I was so tired after the season, but I am so glad you were all flexible with the two hour wait we happened upon once we got there and were happy to kill time with milkshakes at Red Robin. And I'm glad the season's over. 'Nuff said.

Dear new sunglasses, I heart you. You remind me of Breakfast at Tiffany's, whether you actually look like them or not. That is all.

Dear girls' night, I am so looking forward to you tonight. You've been a welcome reprieve back in my life the last few weeks.

And because I liked Basil's Dear God (and also because her letters were the push I needed to write this, especially after I saw only 23 minutes were left to link up):

Dear God, Thank you for my three amazing boys. Thank you for an amazing weekend, planned though it had to be. Thank you that I am able to stay home with Shawner's today. Thank you for my amazing hubby. Please help him to have a wonderful first day at his new branch. Please help the boys to get better. You are an amazing, awesome God!



PattyAnn said...

Okay, one day when I am in Austin we need to get together for one of these girls nights!

I am Megan said...

That cupcake just made me die and go to heaven! And I love this post, hope your injury heals soon!

Amira said...

I lost all focus after drooling over that cupcake! My goodness!!!!

Ashley Slater said...

yay thanks for linking up! and so glad you read Basil---- McKenzie is one of my all time favorites :)


Jaymee said...

okay that cupcake looks bomb.


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