Thursday, March 01, 2012

For My Son Who Inspires Me

Dear friends,

Shawn has been running in a running club for the past two years. Now, he has decided to run in a fun run next week for his school that will provide their school playground with a shade covering for these hot Texas days. 

His goal is to run 25-35 laps. Will you make a pledge to support him?
Let me know by leaving a comment or messaging me with your pledge per lap or flat donation amount and email address and you will receive a confirmation email. He'll let you know when he's completed his run next week and you can pay for his completed laps by check or online for a $2 processing fee due by March 20th.

Tomorrow, March 2nd, is the deadline for his pledges. If 21 people can each pledge $1 per lap he will meet his goal for pledges.

Thanks in advance. I wish I had the dedication he does for this and love supporting him in his passion for running.




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