Monday, March 05, 2012

SXSW Free Event: Glomper Recharge Event

After you've added the below FREE event to your calendar, check out my SXSW Guide.

If you're a local, you know that there are many, many free SXSW events around. So many you may not even have to pay for a badge to be fully occupied. And if you're not, shhhh, don't tell anyone I told you.  If you're marking your calendars now, make sure to put this one on for this awesome free SXSW event this Sunday, March 11th, from 3-7pm at Launch787 next to Moonshine Bar & Grill hosted by my amazing friend, Mai.

Free drinks from Sweet Leaf Iced Tea, Graham's Texas Teas, Treaty Oak Rum, Waterloo Gin, and High Voltage, free food from the super yummy and popular Verts from the Austin Gypsy Picnic, and a photo booth by Generation Domination. Located next to Moonshine Bar & Grill @Launch787. What more could you ask for? Perfect event to stop by to recharge from the weekend's festivities! RSVP not required, but you can RSVP here or on facebook. Go, and, if you see Mai, tell her I sent you!

Also, if you are out and about during SXSW and you find yourself in need of a pedicab, look for the Glomper branded ones and pedicabs wearing Glomper shirts, they'll give you a free ride! 

Here is the media release from my girlfriend with more information on the financiers and creators of a super fun app behind the event, Glomper - see the last paragraph for a chance to become part of the beta group for Glomper:

I'm working with a group making a new geosocial service called glomper. Glomper is designed to help you easily find out what your friends and people nearby are up to tonight, involve into their activities and share your own. Both mobile (iOS & Android) and web versions available to let you always stay updated about your friends' plans, opinions, favorite TV shows, etc. You can tag people in posts/ events and assign location. Social (co-)check-ins can be cross-posted to FB or Twitter. The service is in the closed beta now and will be launched officially at SXSW.

Our mobile app is strongly event-focused - it is more about partying, planning parties and easy adding photos/ videos from a party and comments on them to the appropriate "event". We are planning to focus on that one for SXSW as we know it is a hot issue how to spend your spare time during off-hours.

Here is some screenshots of what we already have and I will try to describe what is to be there soon.

- Place page is a page you would get to by clicking at any location tag within the service. This kind of page has all the info about social activities performed at chosen location - it contains all events that took place there, all people who checked in and all pictures they posted.

- Explore page. This one has everything which is going on nearby - all posts, checkins, pictures, events. You can view them within a list as well as on an interactive map.

As for mobile app - you will see all the events nearby by type/date and you will be able to share your plans to visit them before they have started and then to check-in when you have arrived. Path-looking like interface will help you to share photos/emotions/updates from the event easily.

We aren't trying to compete with foursquare or facebook for check-ins, just integrate with twitter, FB, instagram for all-in-one access to a stream of people's photos so you can see where you want to head to or what cool thing is happening on that date/time. You don't even have to integrate with other social networks, it can be silent as well. We are similar to Glancee or highlight in the sense that you can find who of your friends are nearby and where you should go, I think the interface is a bit more user friendly for both droid and iOs, and again, it is more event focused.

We have an event planned on Mar. 11, at the Launch787 space from 3-7 next to Moonshine bar and grill. Hopefully you can come and learn about the app and use it for the rest of interactive events you plan on going to. If you are interested, we can send you a beta version of the app to try. It's in closed beta and I'm using it on my droid and it's pretty awesome, hopefully you can be some of the first to use it and beta test it during SXSW. Any feedback would be appreciated so let me know if you want me to send you a link to the app when we launch it and would probably be the fastest way to reach me if you are having probs with the app during SXSW. The party invite link is .


Ketrin Jones said...

ohhh ahhh great finds :)
Thanks!! I'm here in Austin!

Have a great week!


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