Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

We had a beautiful evening and I just wanted to blog it before I forgot. The hero of the day has been 5 year old Big Guy - his ever watchful eyes caught his little brothers name being spelled wrong (by Grandpa) on his birthday cake. Saved the day when little brother wanted to open his big brother's gift instead of his own by reminding him what was in his gift. And on the way home tonight from Oma's said very sweetly "Happy Birthday, Little Brother".

Little Guy has had two parties so far and has one tomorrow on his actual birthday. Sweet little 3 year old, he's so very special having all these birthday parties. And to think I was worried that he would have one good one. The things God works out. Tonight he sat near his birthday cake until the appointed time, keeping watch over it on the counter - with the assistance of Uncle or Oma. "That's my birthday cake. That's nummy." Unwrapping his gift tonight that he special picked himself with Oma at the toy store he made sure to take every last piece of wrapping paper off before he got to the present itself.

Tonight Daddy has them picking up their toys. Little Guy says "It's too hard Daddy". Daddy says, "Ask your brother, he'll tell you what to do." Little Guy says "What do I do, Big Brother?" They work so well together and are the sweetest little boys ever.



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