Monday, November 15, 2004

It was a Good Thing

I got interrupted as soon as I hit publish.

Well I finally have a moment that's not taken up by every thing and every body. We're here and it's a relief and a whole new adventure all in one. We've been spending the days getting used to being here. It's weird because we're so used to being here on vacation as this is where all our family is from that it seems like a vacation at times. Then the reality settles in that, no, our house is leased for 2 years, and this is where it's at. Every morning I wake up [sidenote: I just got a note on my cell from my hubby that said "You put a smile in my days! Love you beautiful" awwwww he's soo sweet] and see the gorgeous view from our windows overlooking the harbor and the ocean and think what a blessing it is to be here enoying this each morning, something we could never afford. On Sunday my son and father walked to the little harbor cafe, Aldo's, where we joined them. Sitting on the deck with my family in the warm sunshine with the ocean breeze and the salt air and the seals playing nearby was a little slice of heaven.

We've been attending Twin Lakes Church. Pastor Rene has incredible sermons that really speak to our lives, to the lives we want to live. It's strange finding your own niche with such a huge church. You have to attend groups to actually meet people - that or be extra friendly I guess : ) . With two kiddos though who like to sit through the service with us there's not much time for chit chat. I pray that we'll get to meet some families who are at a point in their lives similar to where we are or even further along, somebody that we can grow along with, support and be supported. Friends are such an amazing part of life, I miss ours out in Texas.

It may take me awhile to get back into the swing of things here, but count me back!



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