Monday, November 29, 2004

Our Anniversary Retreat

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - quiet, calm, peaceful, and relaxing. On Friday I went to see my cousin's wedding dress. She's get married in San Diego in May. It was beautiful, it almost made me cry. We got back to the house and headed home soon afterward. Let our weekend retreat began!

Friday we had wonderful massages at Well Within downtown. Just what I needed to get rid a of a 5 day headache, at least for a day. We got home too late to go to dinner so we just went straight to the massages and had a quick bite afterwards at the Taco Bar in El Palomar. We checked into the Capitola Inn and Suites that evening, into a beautiful room with a gas fireplace, seating area separated from the bedroom, all the amenities one could use and beautiful artwork on the walls by Sally Bookman. Here is one of the one's that was in our room.
On Saturday we went .... shopping!! Yea!! I haven't done that in ages. We walked the Pacific Garden Mall . I got a super cute hooded long sleeve shirt from Element at Pacific Wave. Check it out here, it's the landslide, the green one on the bottom in the middle. Next we hit up O'Neill where I got some super cute black pants. I never buy black pants because I can't stand how plain they are - or they're jeans. These ones are threaded with bright pink thread and have cute pockets on the sides. I can't find them anywhere online otherwise I'd post. I also got some other cute stuff there including my anniversary outfit, this shirt and this skirt. On to Urban Outfitters. I found a sweet little tank I can't seem to find on their website, and the perfect pair of tennis shoes.
They're actually a chocolatey brown and pink. They're super cute and super comfortable. I've been on the hunt for good, comfortable, and still cute tennis shoes for months now, have even bought a few, and these fit the bill. Those other ones are going on eBay! Actually they were super cute but I bought the last size they had and it was a little too small. They're similar to the one's I just got only by Via Uno and one was all pink and light pink, and one was all blue and light blue.

Thinking that was it for the shopping for the day we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. Once dressed and in my cute little outfit and short jacket we realized we needed a jacket to go with the outfit. Actually my husband realized it when I told him my legs were popsicles. Since Urban Outfitters was right next door to our destination we dropped in again and bought an awesome long black trench coat to go over my outfit. They must have different merchandise in the store than online because I can't find that one on there either. Oh well. Then we had our romantic fancy dinner at Clouds. Fantastic food, not extravagant prices, and an outstanding waiter. We brought our dessert to the hotel and enjoyed it in front of the movie after a hot tub rendezvous.

For Sunday we went to a little German bakery downtown called Hoffman's Bakery. This weekend was a weekend of trying new things, enjoying each other's company, and realizing what an awesome thing God has blessed us with, this thing called marriage. 4 yrs and counting. The weekend couldn't have been any more perfect.



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